Is the USA a bully?

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  • musky

    Robdar, I appreciate you replying to all, even my short post.

    Even your closest friend to the north tolerates you, maybe even needs you, but we don't really like you.
    Stan, Why is that? Environmental issues, political?
  • JH
    Is the USA a bully?

    The US is an evil empire

    Just joking

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  • larc

    oajumper, I agree with everything that you just wrote. My only concern is with the amount of power we now have. I hope that we do not abuse that power. So far, we have not. I also agree that Saddam Husein of an obscene criminal and should be eliminated. That is my emotion kicking in.

  • breeze

    YES, although I don't like that word, "BULLY" it is a correct description...

    The US has much interst in the happennings all over the world, they political, humanitarian, and financial intersts in most countries and their actions.

    I think it impossible to be a giant like the US and be liked all over the world, afterall what is good for the Americans is sometimes not n ecessarily the best for the many countries that the US interacts with, so the US makes enemies with the best of intentions??

  • no one
    no one

    aojumper said:

    WE are not just trying to protect our freedom, we are trying to protect innocent lives.

    More accurately, the US is trying to protect a way of life. Ask any black who was discriminated against back then. Ask any Indian who lost his land to being placed on a reservation. Can't get too pumped up about us beating the shit out of another country just cuz they are just now going through what the US went through ahead of them.

    The US is not God, capable of deciding what is right or wrong for the rest of the planet. Yet, I can't help but see the similarities between some of their posturing and the WT. A classic Bush statement,

    "Either you are with us or against us."

    The way of the US is the right way. Russia was the 'evil' empire according to Reagan; Bush has his 'axis of evil'. Yet, the US is so righteous. Can't wait until they start calling other countries that refuse to fall in line with their policies 'apostate'. They already practice shunning through sanctions; forgiven when the country repents and comes back into the US fold.

  • kelsey007

    Very intersting post Robyn- Just last night I was reading some history on the Reagan- Bush era. I pondered what I was reading for a moment and thought-"How like bullies we are!" It brought to mind the bullies in grade school that every Jw wimpish boy had to tolerate.

    Then I had recalled how the republicans kept bashing Clinton over his sexual activities. They pounded on the immoral leader that was setting a BAD example for the youth in this country. Then I remembered all the statements made by Bush- The "evil ones". "After all this is the guy that tried to kill my dad." "Major league asshole". And one this week where he pounced a reporter on the Iraqui war issue shouting that "I am the one that can make that decision" Like a loudmouthed bully who has been given a position of power that he is not capable of properly handling. So, I guess we want our children- in the US- to have sexual morals but grow up to be bullies and attack all that we do not like- George Sr. was shown on a recent TV news show. He looked as if he had tears in his eyes as he stated: "I hate that man!" (Sadam)- But the ever so sheepish American- as another one of our great US leaders said earlier last century- "are so easily fooled."

  • WildHorses
    But, in reality(as was the case with interrogating potential terrorists after 911), instead of the US torturing prisoners to gain information(forbidden by US conscience and law), they simply shipped them off to Egypt where torture for info is the norm.

    If that is true, they might as well have done it themselves. Sending them to someone else to be tortured is even worse IMHO.

  • aojumper

    No one,

    I am not saying the US is free from corruption, or that even our best or worst intentions haven't gone wrong. But Like LB also pointed out, why are most people trying to escape to the US or like minded countries, espeicially from Communist regimes, Cuba, the USSR back then, East Germany. Do you think it was cause they wanted to try on a different lifestyle for size? or do you think it might be becuse the democratic life has far more benefits?

    My question for all of you who post that the U.S. are bullies, which country do you want to live in? Pick one. Are there better countries? No not really, there may be a better fit though for different people, but there are always trade offs, there is no eutopia. Nor will there ever be one on earth. No matter how much the Watchtower insists it's coming.


  • Aztec

    I would say yes. We do nothing to governments that "play nice" with us while they commit atrocities against human rights (Saudi Arabia and China come to mind) but we get up in arms against any government that won't just go along with our plan.

    I'd be very embarassed to tell anyone that I am an American.


  • pettygrudger

    Yes, America is a bully - and a "super bully" at that. Every country in the world is still upset with us regarding our backing out of the Kayete (sp) treaty- a world "environmental" pact that Bush decided wasn't "good" for American workers. We are 2% of the world population & use 28% of the world resources -figure that one out (not good at posting the "evidences" - but this is well documented). We're allow autrocities in MANY dictatorship countries (including some in Africa, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan & India). Human rights activitist have spoken loudly regarding the autrocities performed against Palestinian people by Isreal (who themselves are in violation of several UN resolutions) yet NOTHING is done (a public slap on the wrist at best w/an "atta boy" behind the scenes as we send them yet more military equipment with which to do their deeds).

    With all that said, of course I wouldn't want to live anywhere else on earth (cept maybe Canada - I LOVE their beer). But, that doesn't mean I can't complain regarding our foreign policy, nor does it mean that if enough people don't like our foreign policy, that we don't have the right to change it. That's what the whole diplomatic process is about, and hopefully as more people are being exposed to the "truth" about our little dirty secrets, then therein we will be more conscientious of who we elect the next time (as long as somebody's brother isn't a governor somewhere to help decide who that person should be).

    Bush is going to war regardless of what the UN or ANYBODY says - he has said so publically. That in of itself should tell you something. Editted to add" He's also said "publically" through his public spokesperson "Candida Yeast Infection" that Iraq is to become a democratic society after we're done with them - as if WE have the RIGHT to chose any country's political structure.

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