Is the USA a bully?

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  • eyegirl

    it makes me sad to hear some of you say that you're not proud to be Americans.

    on new year's day, i had the privilege of spending a good chunk of time with my grandmother and some old family friends. alot of their conversation was spent reminiscing about WWII and their lives in the time surrounding. maybe some of us forget just how damn easy we have it today. i listened to their stories and felt humbled by what i heard. this man was just a young boy when my grandfather found him in germany. he was alone, the rest of his family killed in concentration camps. he traveled with my grandfather and the other soldiers and they kept him under their wings until the war was over. after the war, my grandparents still fought for his freedom. i've seen the letters written to, and the responses from, president truman. my grandmother still has the letters after all these years. eventually, he was granted his US citizenship and came to live with my grandparents and great grandparents. i know he would be thoroughly disgusted to hear people say they are ashamed to be Americans, and i am as well. there will always be great pride in my heart to be an American, knowing all the sacrifices made by those willing to defend our freedom.


  • back2dafront

    I'm proud to be HUMAN. (in comparison to a captured girafee that spends his life at a zoo)

    I'm glad I'm alive.

    I'm fortunate I live in a country that has freedom of speech, amongst many other freedoms.

    I'm proud to be a black male in this country with a clean record and a decent job.

    I have a problem saying I'm proud to be American, and in my opinion that has no reflection whatsoever on anyone who fought in war for the freedom of this country. I respect and admire those from ANY country who went to fight for their freedom. I respect the things Martin Luther King and Malcom X did in order for blacks to have the freedoms they have now too. I just have a problem with the whole patriotism thing - I guess it's due to being raised a Witness. That phrase to me is directly associated with "God Bless America" which I have another problem with. It's a great country to be in, no doubt, but me boasting about being proud to be from this country makes it seem like I'm rubbing it in other peoples faces that may have not been so fortunate to be born here.

    Maybe someone can explain to me the nature of this pride and why it's evidently so important for Americans to feel this way. We're all freakin' LUCKY that we, by chance, happened to be born here. My heart goes out to those who can't enjoy life like we can - it's not fair.

    I dunno, the term just seems to automatically chacterize my personality, which is what I don't want to happen. If I say I'm proud to be American, that means I agree with and support the political agenda of this country, correct? If so, I don't want to go there, but if not...then yeah, I guess I'm proud to be American. :-P

    Do other countries express their pride in being where they are from as adamantly as the USA does?? Talk to me you Aussies and Brits! :-)

  • Robdar

    I had wanted to comment to everybody's post but this thread is taking way too much of my time because suddenly I am employed again (Thank you, Dionysos). But, I do want to thank all that have contributed to this thread. I loved reading all your editorials and value your opinions. I have already thanked most of you. The ones who remain are:



    MrMoe (kisses Moe)







    I believe that is all. Thank you for your comments.



  • mike047

    BACK; THANKS for the link. I had no idea. I am not a very good researcher, was my reason for the request.


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