Is the USA a bully?

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  • unclebruce

    Geez Stan, Canada won WW1? wow .. and all this time i thought it was Australia!

    Didn't we break through the German lines on May 5 1918? (where i lost three great uncles) Didn't our 9th division give the Germans thier first defeat of WW11 at Tobruk and ElAlemain and then go give the Japs thiers at Kokoda? (grandad was at both places)

    unclebruce (who lives at a place called 'vimy ridge')


    The USA a bully? Best damned bully on the planet! and thank christ it's a bully that keeps the totalitarians at heel! Bloody Stalin. Bloody Adolf. bloody Hirohito! Let's not forget - not only did the yanks send Hitler and Tojo to hell but they rebuilt both Europe and Japan.

    George 'dudya' Bush = rich boy wanker par excellence ("HE TRIED TO KILL MY DADDY!" - Did a grown man really say that? .. in public? Jesus you guys can sure pick 'em. lol)

    american people = best there is (except for australians and papua/new guineans)

    uncle 'they dont like it up 'em mr.manwaring' bruce


    Hey English, you don't need to go to Turkey on holiday .. come here and i'll take you to the Auburn Mosque. (they supply the prayer mat but if you're a girl you'll need a veil .. come to think of it - if you're a girl you can't come. Wouldn't that be a great rule for the witnesses - no sisters allowed in the Kingdom Hall! .. win/win situation the way i see it - sisters would be glad (no more meetings whoo hoo) and the brothers could turn the joint into a freemason secret 'you shake mine and i'll shake yours' type club lol

    One thing about the Turks - they do a great kabab (only thing i miss about sydney ;)

    Happy 2003 Mike

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  • Englishman

    Thanks Lee, much appreciated.

    Number 1 son paid an arm and a leg to spend New Years Eve in a restaurant just by Sydney Harbour bridge. He says he'll be fine just as soon as he get's his hearing back, apparently somneone let off a few bangers there.


  • heathen

    BG- As far as I know they never had free elections in Iraq .What they had to deal with was one faction over throwing another .From what I saw on the discovery channel was that saddam provided more for the Iraqy people than the former dictator .What can you say ,If you look at american history you see the over throw of europe and the annihilation of the american indian and we even had a civil war over the a slavery issue .So with the history in mind I don't see how anyone can condemn other nations that choose the same path.Out of all that chaos came the nation that many on this board consider to be the best bully in the world and country to live in.

  • troucul

    Props to back2dafront---very eloquent

    Mr. Moe---beautiful and thoughtful, who knew?

    Uncle Bruce---friggin' funny

    Me?---As much as I hate the man, Bush leads the most powerful country in the world. ; And as mentioned before, I would prefer that it would be the US in place of other potential lunatics. ; ; Who else is going to do it? ; There will always be that bully on the playground...what other bully would help a kid up after he just got beat? ; The US always pays the price for doing that-Germany and Japan are ten times the economic powerhouse the US will ever be. ; Sometimes I think the US military should just take over the world, and after that, take over the US government. Things would be so much more efficient. And then we might have at least one full brain that would lead us in the right direction.

    I'm a little loaded right now, so if I seem like I'm going in a million directions, forgive me...

    The point about Moe still stands regardless..

  • unclebruce

    I see you're off to Florida English..

    geez you lucky lucky barstard! lol. Yep, i understand your boys pain .. we actually parked in the middle of the bridge one year .(1988 me thinks) . the police had us stay in our car but what a show! (near freaked the girls to death lol .. they were only 7 & 8 at the time.

    Go England at the SCG! (may the cricket be worth watching .. so far so good

    take care, unclebruce

    (now will this post or am i over the ten p a day limit? :/ .. whoo hoo it posted ..

    ps: I spent my New Years eve in a small country town watching Lord of the Rings .. we got out the cinema at 11.30 .. just enough time to drive to the beach and miss the fireworks at the best pub in australia - true - the old Tathra pub is great, it's on the edge of a cliff and almost hangs over the ocean (can't quite fish from the balcony though lol. It was a very dark night so we ran along the beach with our 'sparklers' (we sure know how ta party! lol

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  • Crazy151drinker

    No we are not a bully. A bully is CHINA who threatens to invade Taiwain if they declare independence.

    A bully is IRAQ which threatens the middle-east, invades Quwait, luanches scuds at Isreal to provoke an even BIGGER war, gasses parts of its population...etc..etc....

    The vast Majority of AFrican nations are bullies to their OWN PEOPLE.

    The U.S. is by far the lesser of the evils........

    And N. Korea is currently unable to attack the U.S. with nukes. Their newest missle will have an estimated range that could hit the tip of the Alaskan Islands. Hardly San Fransico. However, if and when they do develop one, we should NUKE their asses. N. Korea acts like a little spoiled kid. As much as we distrust the Soviets and the Chinese, at least they value Self-Preservation and do not go around threatening to Nuke everyone.

    I hardly think that N. Korea could support a full on war with the South. They have no food, no fuel, and moral is extemely low. If anything I could see them defecting to the south.

  • zenpunk

    I'll ask the Cuban people what they think when I'm there next week....

  • teejay
    I can't believe I feel so strongly about this subject - I've devoted at least an hour to this response. -- back2dafront

    And what a response it was! An hour well spent, my Man, and now just think: it's entered into the record.

  • seawolf

    I just came across this article today and thought I'd post it here since it deals with this subject:

    Although almost half of those surveyed agree the United States, as the world's sole superpower, has a responsibility to intervene in the affairs of other countries to protect global security, almost seven in 10 believe the U.S. is "starting to act like a bully with the rest of the world."

    If this was an article on what the people of Tanzania think it wouldn't be very interesting, but it being on Canada, I thought it might be an interesting read.

  • back2dafront


    As you request, my friend, news on the Bush family and ties to Arms companies...:

    Also interesting info in this article regarding Bush Sr. and Korea.

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