Is the USA a bully?

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  • aojumper


    My statement was a generalization of the stereotypical American, if there is such a thing. I don't know how you live your life, I do know how most Americans are though, and you can't say youv'e ever lived in third world poverty, day after day, even if you've been on welfare.

    The basis of my argument, is simply this, We can state the U.S. is a bully, we can also state it is the greatest country on earth, is either totally true or totally false? No, WE have had good points and bad points throughout history but to simply state "The US is a Super Bully" is really taking much out of context, and showing a narrow point of mind. There are so many factors in this world that contribute to each issue, so saying that we want to nullify Iraq simply for oil is wrong, to say we want to crush Saddam and bring freedom to the Iraqi people is also wrong, but both are not totally wrong, both are dependant of many other factors, and not just other factors between the US and Iraq, but factors over the whole entire world. It is so difficult anymore the see things black and white, so to make certain statements to a cause is just stirring up muck.

    Island Woman, says it very well. Truly my sentiments.


  • Solace


    You said,

    "LB, sorry, your opinion doesn't matter to me except as comic relief. Again, I thank you for the laugh, sweetie. Now, I am going to save the rest of my post allotments to converse with people who's opinions mean something to me."

    My question to you,

    So, the only opinions that "matter to you" are the ones that agree with you?

    Im sorry but I cant help but notice that LBs comment did not deserve this kind of response from you.

    Not everyone is going to agree all the time. Differing opinions will always come into play.

    Besides, I would much rather live here, than live somewhere that I was forced to wear a sheet over my head and receive a beating twice a day with a large club or stone.


    Heaven, of the wont bite the hand that feeds her class.

  • Robdar
    So, the only opinions that "matter to you" are the ones that agree with you?

    Nope, Heaven. And if you had bothered to read the rest of the thread, you would see this.

    Thanks for your comments.


    Edited to add, I didn't think this would post considering I received notice that I had reached my posting limits. I will try to post more to respond to others that have commented.

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  • Solace


    Its only LBs opinion that doesnt matter to you? Not sure but Im suspecting your response stems from something unrelated to this that happend in the past. Im not even sure my opinion matters to anyone actually, but I must say that I do agree with you.

    Seeing differing opinions does add a much needed balance.

  • heathen

    I agree with you robdar . The US foreign policy stinks to high heaven .It's don't do as we do just do as we say .In this episode the UN security council has made it clear that there is no world support for another US attack on Iraq.The questions of control over the oil feilds in Iraq always seem to surface more than the question of whether or not Iraq has nuclear capability. I am certainly not a saddam supporter but he is a very popular leader in Iraq .Let's not forget that the US once viewed him as an ally and did nothing to prevent the Iran Iraq war but instead gave support to saddam.

  • Robdar
    WE are not just trying to protect our freedom, we are trying to protect innocent lives.

    Aojumper, good counter point.

    Thank you for your comments.

    but is rather a play to destroy OPEC and the Saudis hold on the world oil supply? Why else is Saudi Arabia so opposed to it?


    That is one angle I hadn't thought of.

    Thanks for your post.

    afterall what is good for the Americans is sometimes not n ecessarily the best for the many countries that the US interacts with, so the US makes enemies with the best of intentions??


    Exactly. Also, what is the old saying about the road to hell and good intentions?

    Thank you for posting.

    So, I guess we want our children- in the US- to have sexual morals but grow up to be bullies and attack all that we do not like

    LOL, Kelsey, If that is true, then the irony is just too delicious.

    Thanks for responding.

    I'd be very embarassed to tell anyone that I am an American.


    I know so many people who are starting to feel the same way.

    Thanks for your input.

    We're allow autrocities in MANY dictatorship countries (including some in Africa, China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan & India).


    Thank you for pointing out this fact. Your comments strike at the heart of what is wrong with targeting Saddam.

    Thank you for posting.

    The U.S. is said to be top dog now and well, what country in history ever got to be top dog by showing it's belly? Sure the U.S. is tough at times and a political opportunist at other times and wrong many times but we are not always wrong.

    Island Woman,

    Well said. As always, you never dissapoint me with your balanced viewpoint.

    Thank you for responding.

    Super powers are super powers.

    LOL ISP, for better or worse, there it is.

    Thank you for your comments.


    Edited to add:

    Not sure but Im suspecting your response stems from something unrelated to this that happend in the past.

    Heaven, I can see where you may get that impression. I thought of it myself. But, in my self examination, I reached the conclusion that I have never agreed politically with LB. I have found many of his posts (fluff) to be funny and entertaining though. So, in this case, it doesn't matter to me if LB agrees with me or not. I didn't expect him too. I don't think that he expected me to see his viewpoint either.

    Thanks for commenting.


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  • Iwasyoungonce

    I guess I am just a dumb ass.

    Use non bombing ways to deal with mother DELETED and we are peices of shit. As in Korea we have more options to deal with the situation before it comes down to force.

    Use force against even Hitler like forces and we are "bullies" and peices of shit. You know personally I don't think all of the people of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are worth one American life. They DELETED up their own countries let them figure out how to solve them. If they want to rape and kill and starve thier own people DELETED them! They made the mess not us.

    I am done here. The posts here are not worth my time. And before it is said nope no one made me ever do it. Caring about the Jehovah Witness syndrome was my mistake and one I will correct right now. It was all said that the people who leave here can't hack it. "They don't last." I guess I am one of those pussies. I guess I just can't hack it in the "big leagues." Can't be with the intellectual greatness that ferments here.

    You know the "Silentlambs" movement is the same thing. I guess I am just a "bully" for getting involved. The Jehovah Witnesses DELETED up thier own kids let them deal with it. OK I am out of that arena too.

    This week I will be driving my best friend to the Airport and back to his Army Base. I have no doubt that he will be shipped out soon after. Maybe I will never see him again. Ya, he is the tool of the "bully." What bull DELETED

    I will be closing my account and will never speak about "Them" again.

    And to those "Not in my name" people DELETED YOU TOO!

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  • Simon
    You know personally I don't think all of the people of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are worth one American life

    This is the attitude that that causes so much resentment towards the USA IMHO. A little more care about foreign policy and acceptance that they are people with the same human rights, but in a much worse situation than us, would go a long way to improving things.

  • Gerard
    Is the USA a bully?

    I wish you unearth some of your history that still remains kidnapped in the archives of U.S National Security. As an example let me remind you of the embarrassing episode of the - unprovoked - invasion at Bay of Pigs, Cuba. Where a CIA-led, trained and equipped brigade of Cuban renegades hit the beach at Bahia de Cochinos and was quickly defeated.

    The final arrogance, CIAs failure to inform themselves about Castros strength and his peoples spirit or even to inform their own infiltration teams, I attribute to the "gook syndrome". American policy makers suffer from it chronically. They tend to underestimate grossly the capabilities and determination of people who committed the sin of not having been born Americans, especially "gooks" whose skins are less than white. It was fatal in Vietnam. It could have been fatal off the Bay of Pigs where one of the five American escort destroyers was bracketed by 2 tank shells. As the Essex jet carrier launched and retrieved UNMARKED Skyhawk jet fighters and as shots were being fired at the beach, the American Ambassador had the nerve to stand before the U.N. General Assembly and denied any American intervention in that ongoing aggression. After this immoral intervention, Cuba was forced to seek shelter under the Soviet wing. That is right, the USA succeeded only in driving Cuba into a closer alliance with Moscow in exchange of a defense pact and accepted the installation of nuclear missiles on Cuban soil. It was only then that Cuba declared itself a Communist state.

    World war III or even a nuclear holocaust could have been unleashed by the subsequent nuclear stand off provoked by the USA. The whole world looked down "the gun barrel of nuclear war". Thank you. My parents loved every day of it. And if that was not enough, USA proceeded to infiltrate even more CIA agents and indulged on sabotage over the decades, including placing of land mines which to date, STILL claim lives of Cuban peasants. But who cares if a 4 year old girl blown up by American land mineshe was only Cuban, she was a gook.

    In the years following the Bay of Pigs, one president after another has pursued a goal of ILLEGITIMATE aggression to (eg. Guatemala - twice, Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama to name a few). They all chose to use covert operations operations that in numerous cases, consequently came back to do far more harm to the USA than the targeted "enemy" ever could.

    Still, I am hopeful of your Nation. Why? Because the alternative is too painful to experience over and over.

    Yes, Hussein has to be taken out either now or later but unfortunately, foreign policy towards paceful countries is often less than fair and often abusive and a cceptance of being a political "bulley" is the first step to change. I know you can make your policy makers change for good. Vote acordingly and write to your elected heads.

    Power comes with responsibility.


  • Simon

    I think that much attention is focussed on millitary might, which happens to be more obvious, but a lot of the problems and 'bullying' are about the finiancial markets and economies of the world where poor countries get a rought deal.

    American heavy institutions like the IMF and the World Bank end up preventing countries that were previously self-sufficient in food production form being able to subsidise their farmers. They are forced to 'open their markets' which are then overwhelmed by the heavily subsidised American food (eg. Rice). A double standard.

    I think the financial 'bullying' and control of countries like this is worse and then breeds resentment. Of course, most of the western, developed countries (UK included) are in it together but the USA tends to get the rap for being the leader.

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