So I was enjoying a business trip in down town Bangkok...............Next thing BANG!!!

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  • SecretSlaveClass
    This was a thread about expressing gratitude that a cherished member's close call with death or injury did not end badly for him while expressing anguish over the innocent lives lost. Somehow someone believes it prudent to turn it into vitriolic diatribe orientated around his feelings. Not cool and only affirms why people are of the opinion that staunch kamikaze bible pilots are presumptuous assholes and lack critical thinking skills.
  • konceptual99

    After seeing the pictures from the scene I am very pleased you are safe and sound CL. Shocking to be so close to such a terrible event.

  • cantleave

    I am now far enough from the centre of Bangkok to feel safe. The Thai police have CCTV surveillance of the suspected bomber, so hopefully they will catch him.

    Perry read a bloody science book and not a book of fairy tales to get a grip on reality!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Glad thoughts for your avoiding harm; very sad thoughts for those who lost their lives, but especially for their loved ones who will never get over this evil act.

  • nugget

    It is sad that the bomber picked a shrine a place where believers and tourists congregate. Some may well have been seeking a religious connection.

    Bombings are random meant to kill the maximum number of people religious belief does not protect you in these events. The Bible is correct in this instance when it talks about time and unforeseen circumstances befall us all. Those with a belief may hope that their loved ones have gone to a better place or that the suffering was not in vain.

    To berate someone who survived such an event for not thanking god does a believer no credit. These events lead many to question the existence of a benevolent god so it would be more appropriate to express sympathy and humility.

    Glad you are safe come home soon.

  • KateWild

    Nugget, that was a good response to Perry's aggressive post xx well done

    Kate xx

  • JWdaughter

    Im glad cantleave is ok. This is such a tragedy for others. Its a crazy world. Neighbor just randomly shot. Children bullying each other to desth and its all so nuts that people putting extra big holes in their head seemsinnocuous in the grand scheme of things. I can barely work up an opinion on gay marriage. It seems pretty non-critical. Now im supposed to get my panties in a twist about anchor babies. Seriously. terrorism, murderous families. Abused kids and im supposed to fret cause someone wouldnt bake someone a cake

  • PaintedToeNail

    So happy your missed that terrorist act are are able to continue your journey!

  • tornapart
    wow! Cantleave... I am SO glad that you weren't caught up in the bomb blast! So very very sad for those that were.
  • tornapart
    I have just read Perry's comment and feel very sad by it. I'm a christian but feel that was a very unchristian thing to say. Perry, you should be ashamed of yourself! Cantleave, I can totally understand the way you feel about what happened. You survived but others didn't. I have no answers as to why some suffer while others don't. I'm just so glad you're still here with us! Some people are just evil and some people are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. So glad it wasn't you!

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