Advice on Waiting for Jehovah

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  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "Waiting on Jehovah? Look, for 3 decades the organization taught that the superior authorities of Romans 13 does not refer to the secular authorities but to Jehovah and Jesus - despite the fact that Romans 13 makes it very evident that it is indeed the secular authorities. So were JWs waiting on Jehovah during those 3 decades? Or were they turning a blind eye to Jehovah's clear direction in his revealed word? During that 3 decades when JWs had it wrong christendom had it right! Christendom knew that the superior authorities refer to the secular authorities. So Jehovah reveals the truth to false christendom before he reveals it to his people? Waiting on Jehovah? You mean waiting on the organization, right? Waiting on an organization that seems to have a knack for lagging behind Jehovah's revealed truth and bringing reproach on Jehovah in the process!"
  • StarTrekAngel
    What's going to happen on August 31 2017?
  • R. Jerome Harris
    R. Jerome Harris

    The Son of God has already spoken on this. The problem is that few care to listen to him. The WT organization is being listened to instead. (Luke 9:35)

    So-called "prophetic dates" are a very dangerous things. The 1914 date (which did not originate with the WT organization) is derived from the month/year October 607 BCE and counting forward 2,520 years from that point.

    The 1914 date - as all JWs believe - is the year in which:

    1. The Appointed Times of the Nations ended.
    2. That God's Kingdom start ruling and Jesus installed as King. (Parousia or Presence)
    3. A war between Michael and his angels and the Dragon and his angels occurred in heaven in or shortly after that year.
    4. The last days "began."

    Here is the problem with all of this and playing around with dates:

    1. The WT organization is claiming it knows what Christ himself does not know and his slaves would not know! What is that? When he returns. (Matthew 24:42, Matthew 24:36 and Acts 1:7)

    2. The 1914 did not originate with the Watch Tower which claims that God has always used it "a faithful and discreet slave" through which to disseminate truth. Well, the 1914 teaching came from the Second Adventist movement in the late 1800's. C.T. Russell was a Second Adventist and contributing Editor of its monthly magazine "Herald of the Morning" where the Second Adventist promoted the 1914. When Russell broke away from the group and formed his "Bible Students Association" he adopted their teaching. So was the Second Adventist Movement a faithful and discreet slave. The WTBTS claims that truth only comes through them. Yet, here is a MAJOR teaching that the WT basis all its "prophetic teachings" on and it came from "outside" of the Watch Tower organization! (Most JW do not know this and many more do not care)

    3. The question Jesus asked at Matthew 24:45, "Who REALLY is the faithful and discreet slave" can be easily answered by looking at who today imitate the evil slave. Which of the two slave classes was concerned with dates and time? It was the evil slave! How so? Because he was the one who felt his master was "delaying." If this evil slave felt his master was delaying, then he must have been EXPECTING him on a certain date or time frame. In spite of what the Master said at Matthew 24:42 and Acts 1:7, the Watch Tower advertised the year 1914 as the year Christ would become king and his invisible presence (return) would occur. They advertised the year 1914 many years BEFORE it arrived! The faithful slave did not concern himself with times, dates, and seasons. He would remember what his Master told him at Matthew 24:42 and Acts 1:7. So based on this, the Watch Tower is not and has NEVER had within it a "faithful and discreet slave." It is an unfaithful slave as it has not listened to the Master to "Keep on the watch." Since it has already announced 1914, there is no need for it to "keep on the watch." It has fallen asleep and its more than 7 million members can all be thrown into the mix with the rest of Christendom who are also in a deep slumber.

    4. A belief system built on the false foundation of 1914 - for example - makes that belief system itself false. It is not that the Watch Tower does not teach "truthful" things (all religious organizations do), it is that its foundation and its cornerstone was built upon a date. More importantly, built upon something the Master told his disciples NOT to concern themselves with. Well, the WTBTS made it their concern; and now we are seeing the foundation crumble and all built upon it is crashing down. In the process, JWs will are becoming confused. Most JWs I have spoken to about what I have written here, run away. They cannot deal with it and do not want to process it. The organizations only recourse now is to play the "wait on Jehovah" and "new light" game with its membership. These are nothing but excuses to cover over their past presumptions, to cover over moving arrogantly forward teaching what Jesus did not, and cover over the fact that it HAS NOT listened to Christ at Matthew 24:24, Matthew 24:36, and Acts 1:7. The "new light" game is a clever way NOT to admit that the organization made boo boos. Pride will not let the organization admit its error as this would be an admission that it never had the truth or that those within the organization are "in the truth." The GB is very well aware of all of these things.

    The 1914 date is not from God. It is of men. Those who believe it will be as the people of Noah's day. They will be caught off guard because they will be basing future prophetic events off of this date. I can emphatically state that Christ has not been given his crown yet, there has been no war in heaven, there is no 144000 and remnant, no Wild Beast, no Babylon the Great, no False Prophet, no Scarlet Colored Wild beast, no 666, no Good News of the Kingdom message being preached today (not given yet and when it is, an angel will declare it), etc. These things are yet to come. Not one thing in the "Revelation by Jesus Christ that God gave him" has had a start of being fulfilled. Fulfillment of the contents of that book occurs AFTER Christs 1000 year kingdom ends and Satan ascends out of the Abyss. The events of that time is what Jesus is giving his slaves a warning about. He is saying, "This is what is going to happen when my 1000 year kingdom over the earth ends." That the WT has millions focused on our time today, will cause many to be totally caught off-guard and utterly confused and afraid.

    "Pride is before a crash, and a haughty spirit before stumbling." (Proverbs 16:18)

  • OnTheWayOut

    I will adapt a "Christendom" joke to the "Waiting on Jehovah" idea.

    This terrible flooding occurred in conjunction with Hurricane Katrina and one man in his 70's decided that he would not simply abandon his home in the flood zone because "the lord will provide." When the police car showed up to help him out before the roads were impassible, he said "I am staying. The lord will provide." Eventually, he was on the second floor because the water rose so high. A boat pulled up to his window and a man tried to talk him into leaving. "No, thanks. The lord will provide." So later, he's on the roof and another boat goes by with the same outcome. Finally, he's on the chimney and a helicopter pilot on the loudspeaker says "We'll send you a rope." He pushes off the rope and says "The lord will provide."

    Well, he drowned. At the pearly gates, he asks St. Peter why the lord did not provide. St. Peter says "According to my records, the lord sent a police car, two boats, and a helicopter. I think he provided."

    So maybe an answer to "We will wait on Jehovah" could include how current research can be Jehovah's clear answer. "Maybe Jehovah is telling you that 607 is wrong and everything based on 607 is wrong."

  • Vidiot
    It never seems to occur to devout fundamentalists that the answer "God gives" might not be the one they actually want to hear.
  • Heaven

    Botchtower's formula is 100% crap. This formula gets you nothing but bad results.

    Pray More + Wait on Jehovah = Nothing Gets Done and People get Ill/Hurt/Dead.

    edited to add: It is the exact opposite of Stephen Covey's First Habit of Highly Effective People.

    That habit is: Be Proactive.

    Stephen Covey knows more than the Almighty Jehovah(hahahaha).

  • Crazyguy
    to expand on Onthewayout's joke in 2013 a Cyclone hit the Philippine's were three kingdom halls were occupied by JW's, their for safety in gods house. All three KH were destroyed and the last one half the people were swept away by a storm surge and drowned. The local government authorities had told everyone to evacuate to higher ground and these JW's did not listen. Share with your friend that in 1Corithians the writer states that your religious leaders are nothing.
  • leaving_quietly
    My retort to the "waiting on Jehovah reply" is usually, "Maybe Jehovah is waiting on us."
  • Tenacious

    The Society will continually ask brothers to "wait on Jehovah" whenever something is inexplicable.

    Interestingly enough they seem to be exempt from their own recommendation.

    Think about how many times the "light" has gotten brighter.

    If the Society would just wait on Jehovah to reveal things (as they claim) there would not be a need to keep adjusting the "light".

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions
    There hasn't ever been a believer in Jehovah who hasn't died waiting on Jehovah.

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