Advice on Waiting for Jehovah

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  • prologos
    R. Jerome Harris

    Your post deserves re-reading. Very good reasoning on dates, evil slave, P
    added: JH's arguments are great to expose inconsistencies internal to the wt org, but does not address the Big Question about the talking snake and the oil of redemption.
  • redvip2000

    Look at the kings and judges, Moses, Daniel, Jehu, Jael, Jesus.
    All these did what they knew to be right because they were faithful and jealous for God.

    Examples of those who did wait expectantly while doing the wrong thing includes the pharisees.

    "Wait on Jehovah" is nothing more than a cowardly excuse to justify inaction.
    If you know something is wrong than you have a personal responsibility.

    Great post. Yes in reality there is no logical reason why someone would willfully accept something false in hope that a greater being will correct it eventually. There is also no logical reasoning to explain why a deity with unlimited powers would be ok with his organization believing in falsehoods for decades. After all, wouldn't that make God guilty of having of humans not believing in this organization?

  • Vidiot

    @ prologos...

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