Geoffrey Jackson: "That would be presumptuous of us"...

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  • notoneoftheboys

    "That would be presumptuous of us" (Implying that they don't consider themselves to be God's sole channel of communication).

    These are GJs own words. Now when the elders come around to see you over an apostate charge, if you were to repeat those words you would in no short order be disfellowshipped. Same as the hypocrisy of only needing one elder sitting outside your door all night.dun and dusted disfellowshipped. But a child has to confront her abuser????

  • kookie

    well if anyone has to face the elders and they ask the question "do you believe that the FDS is being used as Gods only channel'?

    You can now say NO neither does GB member Jackson, DF me then you should DF Jackson.

  • Vidiot
    Must be nice to be effectively immune from the disciplinary process that's extended to everyone else in the Organization.
  • Splash
    kookie well if anyone has to face the elders and they ask the question "do you believe that the FDS is being used as Gods only channel'? You can now say NO

    You would be better off saying "Well, that would be a presumptuous thing to say"

  • clarity

    Especially Presumptuous when they admit that they have not even been picked yet ..............and yet call themselves "faithful & discrete slave"!

    "But now, the teaching is that Christ has YET to finally approve the Governing Body in its role as the composite slave. With this in mind, you would expect the Governing Body members to exercise a bit of humility, and not try to second guess the decision that Christ is due to make in the future during the Great Tribulation when he finally arrives to inspect his slave class. Instead, the Governing Body boldly makes Christ’s decision for him in advance. Note what is said on page 25…

    “In view of the foregoing, what can we conclude? When Jesus comes for judgment during the great tribulation, he will find that the faithful slave has been loyally dispensing timely spiritual food to the domestics. Jesus will then delight in making the second appointment – over all his belongings.” (w13 7/15 p.25 par.18, bold mine) "

  • Dagney

    There are so many gold nuggets from Br. Jackson. It's like Christmas and a birthday all at once. Thank you Geoff!

    This quote is HUGE. Hopefully we can isolate a few of these statements so when asked if we believe the FDS is god's channel, we can say we agree with GB Br Jackson's statement.

  • Mikeinkona
    Please Caleb or others, email the RC with direct quotes and references. They are reading the emails. I have gotten personal responses. Please keep at this. The lies need to be exposed. It's criminal to lie to the RC. Mr. Jackass took an oath. All JWs believe in the FDS. If you question that idea, you are apostate and shunned. That's the first question out of any members mouth when speaking with a ' weak' one. Also, the idea of God only using them org and FDS to lead people. If anyone disagrees, they are not true JWs. Shunning is the preferred tool. DF, DA, or inactive with doubts. No difference.
  • StarTrekAngel
    Mikeinkona brings an excellent point. This is a common theme on the few JC that are recorded online. Just like it happened to Jesus, there is always that moment when they realize they are being cornered and they have no case. They turn around and the demand you answer that one question. Do you believe the GB is the FDS
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I mentioned this on another thread but it would have been good if Mr. Stewart had one of us poster's present at the RC as advisors. With a Watchtower CD he would have been able to respond to Geoffrey Jackson's lies. We have the extensive knowledge and background to do it.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Mikeinkona... the Searcher...

    As per your suggestion, I have emailed the Royal Commission with these quotes...

    But I know there are a lot more quotes that prove that the members of the Governing Body actually believe to be God's "spokesperson" as Mr. Stewart pointedly asked Geoffrey Jackson...

    If anyone can come up with more quotes, I'd be glad to send the Royal Commssion a follow-up email...

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