Geoffrey Jackson: "That would be presumptuous of us"...

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  • scary21

    I think Never a jw nailed would seem.............that would seem...... AND IT DOES seem doesn't it ?

    No lie there. Very very sneaky not wanting to look crazy. No wonder they would not want JW's to see this.

  • Vidiot

    scary21 - "No wonder they would not want JWs to see this."

    Whilst I agree, I still can't work out how they'd be able to "forbid" JWs from viewing a GB member giving public testimony.

    How do you tell a group of loyalists to ignore what their own leader says?

  • Splash

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I just read an old WT quote and it made me think of this topic.

    Recently G Jackson said "That would be presumptuous of us", implying that they don't consider themselves to be God's sole channel of communication.

    That does not tally with the WT which stated:
    *** w66 1/15 p. 44 par. 10 The Value of Right Association Through Congregational Meetings ***
    Never has God had more than one channel of communication at one time.

    It's good to keep all these thoughts in one place for future reference!
  • moreconfusedthanever


    When mentioning this to someone recently their reply was to point out that even the Apostle Peter denied Jesus 3 times and Jesus did not rebuke him or punish him but forgave him. So perhaps fear of man or nerves got the better of him.

    It got me thinking though - if he had said yes then he may have been asked to prove this claim and well there is no proof so his answer was clever.

  • ToesUp

    His answer was beautiful. It was all being taped for all to see. The more the GB is exposed, the more people are waking up. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK WT!

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