Your Top Ten Books

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  • Tina

    Hi Jan,
    Im putting a couple of those you mentioned on my book list--some inetresting new titles here for me to peruse,Thanks Tina

  • Francois

    Forgot to mention Gandhi The Man, Eknath Eswaran.

  • TR

    1. any by John Grisham

    2. any by David Baldacci

    3. any by Steve Martini

    4. any by Michael Crichton(anyone read his biography? pretty wild!)

    5. any by Richard North Patterson

    6. all of John D. MacDonald(Travis McGee rules!)

    7. C.O.C- R. Franz

    8. JW's and the Hour of Darkness- Darek Barefoot

    9. The Sign of the Last Days- When?- C.O. Jonsson

    10. Apocalypse Delayed--J. Penton


  • jschwehm

    Here are 10 but not in any particular order:

    "The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse" by Jeff Van Vonderan and David Johnson.

    "Combatting Cult Mind Control" by Steven Hassan

    "Releasing the Bonds-Empowering People to Think for Themselves" by Steven Hassan

    "The History of the Church" by Eusebius

    "Dialogue with Trypho the Jew" by Justin Martyr

    "Church History in Plain Language" by Bruce Shelley

    "The Canon of the New Testament" by Bruce Metzger

    "The Catechism of the Catholic Church"

    "Luther's Small Catechism"

    "History of Theology" by Bengt Hagglund

    Jeff S.

  • VeniceIT

    TR have you read David Baldacci's latest book "Wish You Well"? It's
    not like any of his others I was surprised, it's good though.

    I loved Steve Martini's Critical Mass. We've camped up in the San Juans so it was neat knowing the area!

    I've read Michael Crichton's Five Patients and Travels. I loved Travels and how he learned so much about himself when he traveld I thought that was interesting, and he had some great stories, some of it was sooo incredibly funny, like his first day of rounds as a med student ahahahaha!!! or his hiking in India!!!! oh great book!

    And JS your so right both of Steve Hassans books were incredible, they really helped me to heal!

  • patio34

    Great topic! Here's mine in no particular order:

    1. The Postman by David Bruin (the book only--the movie ruined it). Post-WW3 living and survival. Made me question the position of neutrality of jws.

    2. Not without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoody. An inspiring book--again the movie wasn't equal.

    3. Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. An easy book about the history of all societies.

    4. The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins. An education in evolution.

    5. For fun, Honk and Holler Open Soon by Betty Letts. A charming book about really nice ordinary folks.

    6. The Alienist and Dark Angel by Caleb Carr. Really entertaining period pieces about crime solving at the turn of century in New York.

    7. The Partner by John Grisham. One of his best.

    8. Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Nivens--another apocalyptic survival story that makes you question the rightness of neutrality.

    9. Lightning by Dean Koontz. Has time travel and thrills.

    10. ? I can't name that many that have helped me come out of jws because it's only been 6 weeks. I'm reading as fast as I can! Of course, CofC, etc.

    From Jan Groenveld: "I'd rather go through life with questions I can't answer than with questions I can't ask."

    Or I'd rather go thru life with questions I can't answer than with answers I can't question.


  • COMF

    For the great joy they gave my kids, and the delight I took in reading and acting out the stories for them:
    1. Fox in Socks - Dr. Seuss
    2. Ten Apples Up On Top - Unknown
    3. Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb - Unknown
    4. Go, Dog, Go - Unknown

    For encapsulating such universal truths about us all in a few words and pages:
    5. Gift From The Sea - Anne Morrow Lindbergh:

    For ending my innocence along with Jack's:
    6. Lord of the Flies - William Golding

    For helping me understand myself and why I was acting that way:
    7. Are You The One For Me - Barbara deAngelis

    For being the best horror/suspense novel I ever read (and with a happy ending, hey!):
    8. Cold Fire - Dean Koontz

    For encouraging us to live life to the full now, while we can:
    9. The Rubaiyat - Omar Kayyam:

    It may not be on this list a couple of years from now, but it shifted me from intermediate to advanced:
    10. Visual Basic 6 Business Objects - Rockford Lhotka

  • mommy

    Ok Comf!
    I don't feel so bad, Green eggs and ham is on my list. Honestly have been so busy raising kids, and working I find no time to read. Finally my life seems to be settling. I want to thank you all for your input I will be looking into most of the books mentioned.

    p.s. Cat in the Hat is my favorite though

  • Uni girl
    Uni girl

    Boy to narrow my favourite books down to 10 is hard...

    1) American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis (all his books actually)
    2) Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
    3) The Joys of Motherhood by Buchi Emecheta
    4) The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
    5) Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger
    6) Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
    7) ALL of Jack Kerouac"s
    8) Junky by William Burroughs
    9) Malcolm X by Malcolm and Alex Haley
    10) of course anything by Dr. Seuss !!!!

    I'd had enough of religious books just went out to find another focus...

    Be well

  • Flowerpetal

    Comf, you said:

    For the great joy they gave my kids, and the delight I took in reading and acting out the stories for them:
    1. Fox in Socks - Dr. Seuss
    2. Ten Apples Up On Top - Unknown
    3. Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb - Unknown
    4. Go, Dog, Go - Unknown

    I read those books to my kids too, as well as other Dr. Seuss books. I especially like One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Also there was a great book by Richard Scarrey about manners and politeness. Lowly the worm, was one of the characters in it that I especially liked.

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