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  • FayeDunaway

    Welcome A17!! That's awesome you have family to talk to. You are in a better situation than many here!! Always nice to hear of another young one with a free mind.

    Yeah just keep telling people you aren't ready to be baptized. They will really start to freak about it as you approach 18, but don't let it get to you. In your mind, in the silence that follows, say 'and I never will get baptized a JW cuz I'm not somebody's robot!'

  • Anonymous17


    yeah that's the thing I can't get baptized. I tried so hard for years to get the truth in my heart and it never happened. I don't want to be a robot that does everything they're told and doesn't think for themselves. Thank you 😊

  • Anonymous17
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Welcome Anonymous17.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay here.

  • SecretSlaveClass

    Anonymous 17:

    Evidently you have a very good head connected to your neck. You sound mature for your age and obviously have an enquiring mind. These are qualities that will stand you in good stead in your future as a free person!

  • JWdaughter
    Welcome. Lots of good advice. Confirm for yourself that you dont actually believe it (or you might be running back later). After you are out, dont obsess on this or any religion. Be a good human being in the world, educate yourself all around, treat parents well and keep yourself safe from crazy attempts to find perfect religion. Religions arent good or bad-people are. Be one of the good guys
  • freein2004

    My Dear Sweet One:

    I am beyond thrilled that you have found this site! You have no idea how many times I cried thinking about you and your siblings and all the wasted potential. I always had to hold my tongue because I feared not being able to be in your lives at all. When you started to express your feelings to me I still held back still in fear of scaring you away. This past year has been a blessing in disguise for you. I am so happy that you found the courage to venture off and step out into to the "big scary world". It can be scary and there is a lot of bad out there. But you are absolutely one of the good ones! You have a heart of gold and you are a thinker. You are beautiful inside and out. You have so much talent and depth and I am just over the moon thinking about your future outside of the org. Follow your dreams kiddo! and "Oh The Places You'll Go!" .

    Love you!

    Aunt Ellen DeGeneres ;)

  • dyakoub
    Hey, Anon17, you have a private message
  • cantleave

    First of all congratulations on your awakening at such a young age, also on avoiding baptism, as other had said, don't get dunked!

    Work out your path, enjoy your life, make great friends.

  • nugget

    Start discreetly building your life independent of your parents. Do you know what you want to do with your life? What career you would like? Look at grants and assistance available to you so that if your parents decide to pull the rug out from under you there is support you can access. Start to build a support network outside the organisation. Reconnect with relatives and friends so you have people to go to and confide in.

    having goals and direction is important and provides focus. You have your whole life ahead of you so embrace the opportunity to fulfill your potential. In this instance plan for the worst but hope for the best.

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