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  • Anonymous17
    Hi I've been a jw my whole life and I'm 17 now. I've never had a mine of my own and recently I started thinking more open minded and I know the being a jw isn't for me. I feel like I've been in a bubble my whole life. I just don't agree with it anymore. Anyone have advice?
  • freemindfade

    Are you baptized?

  • LisaRose

    A lot depends on your circumstances. Are your parents really strict JWs? Are they loving parents, but just misguided by the religion?

    Are you still in school? If you are a senior in high school, start making plans to go to college. Contact a guidance counselor and see what it will take to get an education. Most of us didn't go because of being JWs, it's something you really need to do if you want a good job.

    You may have to wait until you are older before you can leave the religion. Start preparing now for when you can be your own person. Obey your parents but earn as much as you can about the religion, so that you know what to say if your parents don't understand why you do not want to be a JW. Make sure it's for the right reasons, not just that you want to do things they don't allow, but because you don't believe it. It's important to be clear on that. If you just want to party, then your parents will not be OK with that and it will make it harder.

    Once you are a legal adult you can tell your parents that you are not going to be a JW. They may be upset, but there is little they can do if you are resolute. It's your life after all, they chose their religion, you didn't.

  • Anonymous17
    I am not baptized. I have been avoiding it for years.
  • Anonymous17
  • LoveUniHateExams

    Hi there, A-17, and welcome.

    I am not baptized. I have been avoiding it for years - good! Whatever you do, don't get baptised.

    Just do a nice, gentle fade. Don't tell the elders they're misled, no need to be vocal about doctrinal issues (607 vs. 537; creation vs. evolution, etc).

    If you're put on the spot by elders asking you "do you believe the GB is God's one true channel?" then either lie or say "I don't know"

    Build up a network of decent people outside 'the truth'. Think about education, about what you'd like to do for a career. You're young - you've got your whole life ahead of you.

    If you want to vent, then this forum is a pretty good place to do it.

  • freemindfade

    Don't get baptized.

    you have time on your side to work this all out. The most important thing is not to commit to anything that will in effect imprison you.

    Start with not making any decisions such as this, start doing more and more research, try to keep your cool and maintain peace, do lots of research and make careful decisions.

  • truthseeker100
    Do not I repeat do not get baptized. You probably already know that . Welcome
  • Mikeinkona
    Man, lucky you. I stayed in this religion for way too long. Like you, I knew it was fishy since I was about your age. Everyone on this forum is a friend. Life as a JW will stunt you in all meaningful ways. Remember that when you begin to doubt your feelings about this. Education is a big yes. Helping mankind, helping the earth we all share is a big thing. Please think big. Do not let your family of friends try to make you into them. Freedom to think and see clearly is so valuable. This is normal for most kids your age. Just not religious fanatics. As everyone said, don't offend your folks. You want their love and support. You have the potential to be a great person and do great things. Read lots. Do not focus on small things. Life is big and full of wonder. Live it. Aloha
  • Anonymous17
    Thank you everyone for the help. I appreciate it. I read all the time to not seek help from non jws and that is what made me rethink and start thinking on my own. I have always wondered why are people who aren't jws so bad? And I know they're not now. There's a lot of good hearted people out in the "world" I will keep calm and slowly go on my own path, that's my plan. I have always wanted to talk to people with open minds. And not hear the same old "keep praying and go to meetings " stuff.

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