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  • flipper

    ANONYMOUS - NIce to have you here ! Welcome to the board. I was born and raised in the Witnesses from birth also- but didn't exit until age 44 about 12 years ago. DON'T be THAT me. ( Like the commercial )

    Do you have ANY relatives or good adult friends outside the JW religion who would be a support system for you and help you make plans for a college education ? It's important to finish High School and apply yourself to learning and once you start college studying subjects you are interested in- college will HELP you expand your thinking ability to develop critical thinking skills needed to survive in the work world and the REAL adult world - not the fictitious JW world.

    Also Freemindfade 's advice is great about continuing to do more and more research on the Internet so you will be making an informed decision about not joining the Witnesses. It will solidify the doubts you already have in your mind by seeing that the doubts ARE reality and extremely valid.

    Be respectful to your JW folks- but that doesn't mean that you have to go to mind numbing meetings. As you turn 18 you'll need even more support from non-JW friends and family so I recommend feeding those relationships in a positive way as there will probably be a fallout and negative reaction from your JW folks and their friends for your decision to NOT be a JW. So these are just some things I can think of. We are here as friends to you also and as a support. We've " been there, experienced this " so please know that you are not alone, O.K. ? Hang in there take care

  • Giordano

    I am not baptized. I have been avoiding it for years.

    Oddly enough so did Jesus as he was 30 years old when baptized lol.

    Welcome to this forum anonymous 17!

    Recent discussions here have centered around the the pedophile investigation and the Royal court in Australia. I think any reasonable person be they a JW or not would be shocked at the number of pedophiles among the JW's because of their policies and the two witness rule.

    If pressured by your parents for the reason you don't want to get baptized or go out in field service stay with that one issue and encourage your parents to google that subject and read up on what has been going on.

    As always you can count on getting getting good advice on this forum. Double check any claim be it on this or any site pro or con JW's.

    Study hard, investigate post High school education and start thinking about the rest of your life.

    Meanwhile delete your browsing history. And avoid being a smart ass with everything your going to learn here.

  • sir82

    Avoid baptism at all costs.

    (Repetition for emphasis)

  • SecretSlaveClass

    Everything mentioned above is pretty much spot on. I stopped going to meetings when I was 14 and was never baptized. I simply told my parents I wasnt interested in the religion anymore and I would no longer attend anything remotely related to it. Fundamenlist JW that my mother is, she wasreally upset but I didn't care. Leaving the org did not mean I wanted nothing to do with my parents so I was still respectful, responsible and did everything that was expected of me outside of the Org.

    It's of vital importance that you continue to be a good daughter, this way they won't get the impression you want out of the religion in order to be rebellious, but just that you have your resptive disagreements and would rather not be part of it, therefore there is no need to fade - simply quit. But if your parents threaten to throw you out if you leave the religion I recommend you talk to your school guidance councellor. Also get an after school/weekend job so you can start saving money now! That was what I did and it helped tremendously when I left home at 17 yrs old.

    Try to build up as big a network possible of friends outside the Org as mentioned before, this is extremely important. If I had not had a lot of friends when I left at a young age I have no doubt I would have found myself in dire straights.

    You are at a huge advantage over most on this forum. You will be leaving before your life becomes too entangled and dependent on the Org, not to mention the indoctrination you've undergone is not as ingrained in you as it is for those leaving much later in life, you'll find your transition to living a "worldly" life to be pretty smooth.

    Anyway, welcome to the place where we are all working on an anti-Governing Body vaccine! You're amongst an excellent community whom are genuinely compassionate. Any help you need or questions you have, please feel free to ask. We're all eager to help!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Welcome Anonymous17. You are so wise and fortunate to have awakened so quickly - well done.

    Learn from those here, and adapt their suggestions to suit your personal circumstances.

    Here are a couple of essential points to keep in mind:

    Look forward to hearing of your progress.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Whatever you do, don't get baptized.

    Ditto. It was the single biggest mistake of my life. It kept me enslaved in the religion for years because I feared the consequences that being DF'd would bring.

  • Anonymous17
    Wow thanks again for everyone's support. I don't feel like I'm alone anymore. This is what I needed. I do have a job and I'm saving up for a car so I won't have to depend on my parents much longer. They will not support me leaving and they have absolutely no clue. They do ask when I'm getting baptized and rather then me saying I don't want to I let them know I need time and I'm not sure when. I really appreciate everything you all have said. Thank you
  • Magwitch
    Do not get baptized!. You can never, ever undo the ugly consequences that JW baptism brings.
  • kaik
    All the advices are right on. You are approaching an age, where you will become a legal adult. Start preparing for your own independence, think of your future, career, education, and people outside WT cult.
  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    The tendency of some is to "go wild" because they have freedom from JW rules and regulations. Don't "go wild". You don't need to get drunk to have a good time. You don't need to use drugs to have a good time. You just can't condemn those who do it in moderation and don't harm you or others. I think you are not so sheltered you don't know what life is like among the "worldly" people. Just use good sense. The best advice was a part time job if possible. You will make a bit of money and make friends I am sure. Use your freedom wisely and don't confide in any of the congregation members, kids or otherwise, if they are "true believers." Welcome!

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