Geoffrey Jackson - Royal Commission Live Hearing Now!

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    If you were ever in doubt that these 7 Dwarfs are Delusional - YOu had it rubber-stamped today !

    "I hope to see him [Jesus] Shortly .........................." !!!!!!!!!!!




    having false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions:


    Psychiatry. maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts, usually as a result of mental illness:


    The Australian Royal Commission didn`t buy a Word of WBT$ GB "Rock Star Pope",Geoffrey Jackson`s Crap..

    Jackson thought he was at a WatchTower Event and everyone would Eat Up his WBT$ Bullshit..

    The Australian Royal Commission Nailed Jackson`s Ass to the Barn Door..


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  • username
    The commission had the best experts on their side. Us exJW's. We ALL know more about this cult than even the GB I think haha.
  • username
    I know it's the commissions job to question in such an in depth manner, having said that I wish their was something we could all do as a collective to at least show the commission just how much they are regarded as heroes by the exJW community...
  • barry
    Jackson looked so sincere holding on to that bible I expected him to at any moment do the sign of the cross
  • mgmelkat
    He also said that the governing body has apologised multiple times in the past for other things. I'd like to see where they have apologised and for what?? For wrong prophecies??
  • OrphanCrow
    mgmelkat: I'd like to see where they have apologised and for what??

    Oh. That was in a letter once - they said "We are so sorry for all those people who died because we siad they couldn't have a blood trnasfusion. We are sorry for all those babies and children who have died."

    Oh...they never really said that, did they? I must apologize. I am mistake.

  • EdenOne

    I'm watching it now. One thing strikes me immediately - Jackson's initial body language (or lack thereof). His hands, with the exception of the times he is holding the Bible, are constantly kept under the table and out of sight. that's very atypical for a JW elder accustomed to make gestures while addressing others. Either was he tense of was coached to do so.

    At around the 11:30 mark, Jackson reads from Acts 6:3, 4 and tries to imply that the Governing Body equates to the apostles and the 30 Governing Body helpers equate to the "seven reputable men". Angus then noted sharply that the text indicates that the "7 reputable men" were first selected by the congregation and only THEN appointed by the apostles, pointing out that the JW's have a different arrangement from the biblical example they profess to follow, since it's the Governing Body that selects and then appoints those helpers. Jackson failed to provide biblical argument to counter this, dismissing it as the interpretation of a secular commission.


  • Sauerkraut
    Why did they let him hide behind the bible so much? I'm somewhat disappointed it turns out to be a bible discussion.
  • Elisa1966

    New video on re child abuse:

    Jehovah Has Done So Much for Me

    Crystal, a victim of sexual abuse as a child, tells how learning what the Bible teaches helped her to build a relationship with Jehovah God and to find meaning in her life.

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