$$ Get your ROKU on! $$

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  • sir82

    ha ha! Too late.

    And probably will be announced in hundreds or thousands more, where the COBE checks the board maybe once a week and won't catch the retraction.

    What a bunch of maroons.

  • cappytan

    FYI, to those that think it won't work:

    Screenshot from Roku:

  • sir82

    Now I'm majorly curious. Why the retraction?

    Problems with the corporation itself?

    Thousands of "apostates" using the code and the number of discounted units was more than Roku counted on?

    Thousands of angry JWs calling Bethel & wondering why the WTS is endorsing a "worldly" company?

  • wifibandit
    It was posted to retailmenot.com I'm sure they were inundated.
  • _Morpheus
  • _Morpheus
    Thats a picture that came with the letter
  • cappytan

    _Morpheus: I STILL SAY IT'S AN APOSTATE LIE. This lie only benefits Thor and drags Jehalapeño's name through the mud.


  • thedepressedsoul

    Can a religious organization indorse a product like that?

    Worse yet, can it "profit" off of the sales sold to each of it's members?

    I have a feeling the IRS may say otherwise...

  • pixel


    This is from their secret website:

    NOTE: The letter dated July 29, 2015, to all congregations and the accompanying instruction sheet regarding a discount on Roku devices have been removed from jw.org and should be destroyed. No announcement should be made to the congregation. If the postscript instructions have already been followed, no further announcement should be made. Please remove the letter and instruction sheet from the information board.—Added 8/12/15.

  • thedepressedsoul

    lol probably only apostates got to take advantage of this deal.

    Poor Jw's are stuck paying full price.

    The apostates thank you Oz land!

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