$$ Get your ROKU on! $$

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  • wifibandit

    The biggest coupon sharing site already has it as the top coupon for roku.com


  • maninthemiddle

    I really doubt they are getting the affiliate program, sending traffic to the main url is not within the rules.

    however, I love Plex, and hate apple. I've had a first gen Roku for a while and want a Roku 3....so.....

  • joe134cd
    Wt realizes there is a buck to be made. Naughty, naughty watchtower.
    PLEASE Validate the Letter first - Then we hit the marketing straps beeg-time - has it appeared on JW-Leaks etc ??
  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    The coupon code is legit. WT isn't making any money from this.
  • alias
    Cool, I'm all for saving $20. We're about ready to upgrade our boxes. Thanks!
  • _Morpheus
    Afrikanman- the letter is validated. 10 times already. I saw the letter on the information board past night. How much more do u want?
  • Magnum

    dubstepped: I always wondered if they got kickbacks for putting us in hotels for conventions. I could go into the same town and find better deals on my own, but they were so adamant about sticking to the list. Did it really have to do with anything other than getting kickbacks for bringing everyone in? Just something I've wondered because you can't ever trust the reasoning they give for things due to their propensity for spinning tales about what's behind their actions.

    As Cappytan said, yes, they do get kickbacks. I don't know whether they get cash kickbacks, but I know for a fact they receive complimentary rooms as kickbacks. They then rent those rooms (at least some of them) at full price; I've seen the checks.

    Even the ones they don't rent are, in effect, like cash. They use them for org big-shots and it saves them the money they would have had to use to rent rooms for these guys.

    And I, too, have observed that rooms can be found cheaper when one gets them on his own. In my latter years as a JW, I really began to smell something fishy with the rooming list thing and the adamant instructions to stick to it. They made it seem as though they were so concerned about saving the poor rank and file money and making it easier on them. Bologne! They couldn't care less. They don't seem to care that my being a JW ruined me financially and made my life extremely difficult.

    So, I'm supposed to believe that they're concerned about saving me ten bucks once a year, when being a JW made me broke my entire life and robbed me of any prospects of ever retiring? So you save me ten bucks a year and potentially cost me perhaps millions over 40 years???

  • wifibandit
    NOTE: The letter dated July 29, 2015, to all congregations and the accompanying instruction sheet regarding a discount on Roku devices have been removed from jw.org and should be destroyed. No announcement should be made to the congregation. If the postscript instructions have already been followed, no further announcement should be made. Please remove the letter and instruction sheet from the information board.—Added 8/12/15.
  • cappytan
    wifibandit: LMFAO....seriously?

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