$$ Get your ROKU on! $$

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  • _Morpheus
    Brilliant research maksutov
  • dubstepped
    They don't need an affiliate link if they have a discount code that could be tracked. If this is seriously for real, it is really shameful how wrapped up in commercialism they have gotten. Then again, I had heard that they were part of a project whereby you can buy things on Amazon and have basically affiliate commission given to non-profits, JW being one. Not sure if that's true either.
  • millie210

    I doubt they are making actual $$ off of it.

    I think they are doing this to answer the criticism that the elderly on fixed incomes and the "poor" cannot afford to access the spiritual food.

  • _Morpheus
    And he said to those selling the doves: “Take these things away from here! Stop making the house of my Father a house of commerce!"
  • thedepressedsoul

    Yea but is the letter real? Have they ever pushed a general product the masses?

    I feel like it'd be similar to them reading a letter on how publishers can buy iPad's for $20 off...

  • LostGeneration

    YES, these codes are tracked and the WTBTS will get a payment every time the code is used.

    DO NOT USE! Unless you want them to get some of your $$$$

  • _Morpheus
    The letter is 100% legit
  • sir82

    Letter is real. To be read at this week's service meeting to all US congregations.

  • wifibandit
    It is real. The code works (I didn't buy, just added to cart).
  • thedepressedsoul
    That could add up to a lot of money if they get 5% of each sale...

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