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  • sir82

    There was the "Circuit Leasing" thing several years ago.

    The WTS leased its new Buicks for CO / DO use. After the 3 year lease, the vehicles were returned to the JW-owned dealership, and that dealership set up a website advertising the cars for sale.

    If you were considered a "trustworthy" JW, a CO would give you a business card or keychain for "Circuit Leasing" and ask if you were in the market for a well-maintained 3 year old car. It was ll very hush-hush, only for "trustworthy" JWs who wouldn't be shocked by such blatant commercialism.

    Apparently the WTS is feeling confident enough that they can post commercial advertising on the congregation bulletin board and announce it from the stage.

    Next step? "Welcome to the November edition of JW Broadcasting, brought to you by Bacardi, choice of Bethelite lushes in all 3 US locations."

  • dubstepped
    I always wondered if they got kickbacks for putting us in hotels for conventions. I could go into the same town and find better deals on my own, but they were so adamant about sticking to the list. Did it really have to do with anything other than getting kickbacks for bringing everyone in? Just something I've wondered because you can't ever trust the reasoning they give for things due to their propensity for spinning tales about what's behind their actions.
  • thedepressedsoul

    My guess, these devices are going to be used for more than JW Broadcasting in the future. Live events, Meetings, Annual meetings, etc...

    This is just the tip of the ice berg for the streaming.

    I can see the friends now, "We are so ahead of the times! These devices can be used to link us with the GB when they ban us meeting at the KM! This must be why they canceled Tuesday night meetings!"

  • cappytan

    They do get kickbacks. It works something like this: A hotel books a certain number of rooms, say 50, and they give 2 comp rooms to the rooming department.

    The comp rooms are first used for visiting bethel speakers and traveling overseers. But, there are usually so many comp rooms to go around, that they end up getting used by the Rank & File that are in the know.

    In order to get a comp room as a Rank & File, you have to agree to a "suggested" donation for the hotel rate.

    So, if you get the comp room, you are "suggested" to donate, say, $80/night (if that was the hotel's rate).

  • maksutov
    When I went to an international convention, we were strongly encouraged to book through the Society's travel agent, with the Society's approved hotel. It was very expensive, but we were told they had negotiated a special deal. The hotel staff hated us (not without reason - JWs were stealing food they weren't entitled to). The hotel 'accidentally' forgot to provide breakfast on one of the mornings. I guess we deserved it.
  • pixel

    The problem I have with this is that the WT/GB/FDS has spent a huge amount of time and ink telling the R&F to live a simple life, not buy things or electronics that are popular, and even learning hoe to use this devices will subtract time that is better to use on the preaching work.

    And now all of the sudden is good and divinely approved to buy iPads, Tablets, computers, Rokus and stuffs...hypocrites!

    In the meantime...get back to me when the WT gives a 20% OFF on Apple TV's (I heard there's a new version coming out soon).


    PS: And when you see my name pasting stuffs from the Borg, don't bother asking if is legit. IT IS. I won't wasted my time coming up with fictional stuffs. The stuffs the Borg comes up with are fictional enough.

  • ToesUp

    If it fits the JW agenda ($$$$$) they will "adjust" the rules. Follow the money!!


  • carla

    If the wt is acting as an affiliate marketer for roku they MUST disclose this information! It is law in the US.

    Here is a blog explaining it, I have no knowledge of the blogger, just a quick google search because I remember when this hit the affiliate marketing community-


    here's another-


  • Island Man
    Island Man
    Let's expose the code online on various forums! That way Roku will feel the pain when lots and lots of non-JWs take advantage of it. Then Roku might be forced to end the relationship with Watchtower.
  • _Morpheus
    So the letter wasn't acutally read. There was an announcment stating that there was a letter posted on the information board regarding discounts on roku. There was also an instruction sheet, with illistrations, on how to enter the code

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