G.B. & J.W.'s Becoming Clap-Happy

by The Searcher 43 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • rebel8

    I used to initiate rounds of applause, just to see if I could. It proved to me that it wasn't some organic moment of mutual appreciation, but rather a reflex.

  • rebel8

    I kid you not...at one District Assembly the crowd broke into applause when it was announced....[car with its lights on in the parking lot]

    That might have been my handiwork.

  • FayeDunaway
    Lol rebel8 I almost would go to a DC with you just to see what shenanigans you would pull. Except I'm really not good at controlling giggles and, and rather loud snorting would probably occur...
  • freddo

    Wouldn't that be funny? Instead of going with a placard or shouting out and getting chucked out a group of five or six could go and behave impeccably and then all clap together at a really inappropriate moment ...

    Sydney Australia convention:

    "So brothers Terrence O'Brien was going to give the next discourse but he is in the slammer for misleading the Royal Commission and .... (rapturous applause) "

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