G.B. & J.W.'s Becoming Clap-Happy

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  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    At the Regional Convention (national!!) for Scotland, Mark Sanderson elicited 13 rounds of applause during his closing talk, (for the least little things!) plus a final one for his closing prayer! And the grin on his face showed that he was loving every bit of it.

    J.W.'s are now prepared - en masse - to applaud anything, if just one person initiates it, especially so when a member of the G.B. pauses and looks expectantly at the audience after making an insignificant statement.

    I was seriously embarrassed for my fellow adults around me who didn't have the courage to follow my lead and do nothing!

    J.W.'s in the past have ridiculed some Pentecostals as being "clappy-happy" - now they're following suit!


    JWs have been "Clap Happy" for as long as I can remember..Decades..

    JWs will clap at pretty much anything..It doesn`t take much to set them off..


    ................Many Times..

    It`s Because A Speaker Pauses..


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  • steve2

    A distinction needs to be made between local congregations whose applause has all the life of soggy mice wanting the warmth of home fires and regional conventions where the combined group effect of applause exists for the sake of applause.

    At regional conventions, JWs applause anything and everything. It represents a self-bolstering sense of specialness.

    I suspect that if a brother on the platform intoned, "Brothers and sisters, we have all become as clap-happy as Pentecostals! Praise Jehovah", the audience would erupt with loud applause and not realize the self-damning nature of the statement. Such is the state of the brain possessed by emotion and not reason.

    BTW, at that regional convention is Scotland, what was the attendance and how many were baptized?

  • SecretSlaveClass
    Sad and pathetic. No matter which crowd I happen to be part of, if what is being said/going on doesn't warrant applause, I'm not going to oblige!
  • millie210

    We always applauded more and more the closer we got to the end of the final talk on the final day.

    Looking back it was an in vain attempt to build to some kind of crescendo.

    Nothing else was going to be a high point - might as well be the clapping!

  • Petraglyph
    Is there anyone fading who is brave enough to REALLY exaggerate the applause, stand up and cheer etc? Get everyone looking at you? :D
  • oppostate
  • Vidiot

    I always clapped because I thought we were at the end.

    I always ended up disappointed, too.


  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Good more ego tripping to make him big headed and thus keep making more and more blunders. Group think in action produces no important decision making ability to save him from his predicament.
  • prologos
    I always applauded the speaker,-- finally leaving the platform. thanks.

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