Need the hardest evidence possible that humans have lived for more than 6000 years

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    Cofty use to link an article written by a Christian scientist that detailed exactly how radioactive dating works.

    I am sure he will know the one and could link it here when he catches the thread.

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    Something I found out yesterday. You know the bit of your eye called the cuticle. Apparently that bit of skin actually served a purpose at one time. It used to be a third eyelid! Does that mean we evolved from some sort of lizard species?

    If so, that could prove that we are definitely more that 6000 years old.

    Also the totally useless body organ that is called the appendix did have a purpose at one time. It was a crucial organ to break down vegetation, meaning there was a time we only ate vegetation. Meat is something that obviously introduced to our diet many centuries ago! Oh and it wasn't god commanding Noah that he could eat meat because the flood had swept away all the vegetation, there are a great many edible vegetation found in water!

    The flood could never have happened. For one, the sanitation levels would have been to much to bare and would more than likely kill every living thing on board what was essentially a box!

    And, where did all the water drain too, and how did kangaroos hop all the way to Australia? This is just one species in many that are unique to a particular continent. Did just two kangaroos hear god - the great doctor dolittle calling them to hop all the way to a middle eastern land to catch a boat?!

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    Also the totally useless body organ that is called the appendix did have a purpose at one time.

    I read a recent study that scientists think that the appendix is meant as a digestive bacterial culture reboot system for when you get sick with something like dysentery and the bowels purge.

    Edit: apparently, it's just a theory that it's a reboot system.

    WebMD: "One theory is that the appendix acts as a storehouse for good bacteria, “rebooting” the digestive system after diarrheal illnesses."

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    Entire northern hemisphere yields tons of evidence due glaciation and interglaciation period. This is well documented both in the archeology but also in the flora, geology, and sediments in all of Europe and Northern America. During the interglaciation period, human population inhabited large part of Europe in 28000-18000 BC and the flora/fauna was different. Large animals like mammoth, saber tooth kitties, and other animals lived in different climate and weather pattern, and the population left hundreds of sites with an extensive artifacts. Not only with Venus statues, but also burial sites, carving in the stones and bones, and so on. World eventually cooled again and continental ice shield retried deep into Central and Western Europe and Northern America (Wisconsin Glaciation). The trace of this last major continental ice shield are well preserved all over northern hemisphere and overlapped many area where humans lived earlier. Flora and fauna disappeared. This glaciation ended after several thousands years, but the new species were different from earlier flora/fauna/humans. Glaciation is well measured event, it has its characteristics and rates and can be pinpointed into several hundreds of years in the last period.
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    . . . . . verified by both mitochondrial DNA and radiometric dating. Both are solid dating methods on their own but when used together two independent dating methods getting the same age (convergent data sets) makes the evidence incontrovertible.


    Not to a JW.


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    Thank you. I will take the time to read the various dating methods available.


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    They just found a human tooth in France a few weeks ago dated 560,000 years ago...proof like that is not in the tens or hundreds but thousands!

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    breakfast of champions

    I would suggest going to your local university's website and seeking out someone in the geology or anthroplogy department.

    Most professors would be THRILLED to talk to someone who is curious about how radio metric dating works.

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    Radiometric Dating

    A Christian Perspective

    Dr. Roger C. Wiens

    Click here for pdf...

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