Need the hardest evidence possible that humans have lived for more than 6000 years

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    Since coming out of the witnesses, I have gone through a transformation in thought and in mind. I started with the usual: I thought that Jesus was God. Then I investigated more about the Bible and thought that the Bible was not true, given the many contradictions, failed prophecies, etc.

    Then I investigated evolution and read lots and now I accept evolution and natural selection as things that are true.

    Now, I need to make my dad rethink everything. For evolution, I read a book called "Why evolution is true", full of amazing, well-explained proofs of evolution.

    I want your help in getting the proof that there have been humans on this planet for more than 6000 years.

    One proof is the Mitochondrial Eve and the Y-chromosomal Adam, but it relies on things that are "invisible" such as genes and gene mutation rates.

    Another proof is the artifacts, such as the venuses, the flutes, the paintings...

    My question is, how exactly are these things dated?

    Is there a website or a place where I can read something like this:

    This venus figurine is dated to 15,000 years ago, +/- 2000 years. It was dated using radiocarbon method, luminescence, tree ring count... and all the methods converged to that time, with a confidence of 95%.



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    I found something.

    "The figurine was determined to be about 40,000 years old[1] by carbon datingmaterial from the same layer in which the sculpture was found."
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    Found this too:

    An answer to creationist's attacks on c-14 dating:
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    There's the Cheddar Man (not a fossil - actual bones) whose age is 9,000 years old which has been verified by both mitochondrial DNA and radiometric dating. Both are solid dating methods on their own but when used together two independent dating methods getting the same age (convergent data sets) makes the evidence incontrovertible.

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    Cave painting in I think Indonesia, these were covered in some sort of Crystal. They were able to date the paintings using the rate of deposits with a known decay rate of another substance found there. This dating system is said to be much more accurate then carbon 14. These paintings are determined to be over 30K years old.
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    Another one, two areas in Turkey one called Gobli Teki (most likely spelled it wrong) and another a city in eastern Turkey can't remember the name. Experts believe this may be the first city ever do to the fact that wild wheat grows near by and people for the first time were able to harvest and store the wheat allowing them to stay in one place for long periods of the year if not year around. Both of these places dated to over 15,000 years old. When they date places like these they use carbon 14 to date wood found there but also use dating techniques measuring how much dirt lay over the area.
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    Designer Stubble
    Read "Guns, Germs and Steel" by Jared Diamond
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    just found out about this a few days ago....blew that adam/eve is 6000 yrs old theory out the water

    also this one

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