Need the hardest evidence possible that humans have lived for more than 6000 years

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  • StarTrekAngel
    Do Neanderthals count?
  • R. Jerome Harris
    R. Jerome Harris

    One must keep in mind that we live in a European-conceived universe. The European named the planets, stars, constellations, etc.

    Our educational institutions are "European-based" as well.

    Even the book called "The Bible" was given its name by "The European." He even "authorized" it, made it "holy" and elevated it to the position of Word of God (which is blasphemous as only the Son of God is The Word of God).

    Coupled with the statement God made concerning the wisdom of humans is "foolishness" to him we can now get real.

    Ever wonder why the history of the African continent is not primarily taught in American and European school systems and is suppressed? Because it would negate the notion that mankind is only 6000 years old. African history shows that mankind lived here many tens of thousands of years, long before there was such a thing as a European.

    I have read ancient African texts written thousand of years before there was a Bible and there are stories strikingly similar to "Adam and Eve" (the names are different) and Noah and Moses (names are different) and a god-like one that God sent. Could it be that the European man plagiarized those stories? This is a difficult thing for many persons of European descent (and now those of African descent prejudiced by the European educational system) to process. There is something in our "psycho visceras" that prevent us from wanting to know if it is true. Many become easily dismissive in their manner.

    Humans built the pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt, Africa. Some scholars say 15,000 years old or older. It depends on who one chooses to believe based on if it fits your belief. That scholars are not in agreement speaks volumes that they simply do not know. I believe the Pyramids are much older than 15,000 years. I believe men built them.

    Some people would rather attribute their construction to "aliens" from outer space than give credit to humans (who were greater, better and smarter) than we are today. Modernization does not equate to intelligence as far as I am concern. It equates to foolishness, selfishness and greed. It is the European man who has sold the world a bill of goods about what "progress" is. It is a system of foolishness to God as well and that is why he will destroy all vestiges of this world. (Dan 2:44)

    Debates over evolution verses creation are foolish and serve only as distractions. They keep generations of people on a hamster treadmill that spins but goes no where.

    Why don't mankind admit that "he does not know" instead of claiming each other right or wrong?

    You don't know.

    And we want to carry our foolishness into outer space? Any intelligent life out there would be wise to kick our foolish posteriors back down to the earth and forbid us from venturing out.

    Oh wait a minute! God did just that. He created an atmosphere in which we can exist in. Above that atmosphere we cannot naturally live. Thus, we do not belong up there.

    I believe a time will come when the Creator will expand the atmosphere that envelops his earth beyond anything one can imagine.

  • marmot


    The ages of the pyramids are well-established, as is evolutionary theory. There is no "controversy."

    Stop muddling things.

  • Simon

    Besides the 'hard' evidence of dating bones ...

    How long would it take mankind to spread and populate the entire earth (before mass transportation) including isolated islands in the pacific?

    A few thousand years just isn't enough.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    The many pyramids, not just those at Giza, were built during the stable and therefore wealthy period in the Old Kingdom of Egypt between the years 2686 BCE and 2182 BCE. We even have the names of the architects for some of them because they were made in” historic time,” that is; after the invention of writing.

  • Mephis

    If anyone dating the pyramids to 15000 years ago is classed as a scholar, I'd like to be classed as a brain surgeon on the corresponding academic criteria that I once touched someone's head.

  • cofty
    Why don't mankind admit that "he does not know" instead of claiming each other right or wrong? - RJH

    Because we do know. There is no god. The universe began 13.8 billion years ago.

    Every living thing evolved from a common ancestor over millions of years through an unguided process of evolution by natural selection.

    These things are facts.

    It is amusing that you criticise others for making truth claims based on evidence and then immediately go on to make preposterous claims about an invisible supernatural deity.

  • konceptual99

    Sadly Mr. Harris you ruined what could have been the lead into an interesting discussion about the nature of education and the hang over of colonialism with some pretty wild claims about the age of the pyramids and the existence of a god whilst providing zero evidence.

  • ILoveTTATT2

    I found a book that might be of interest to everyone. It is academic and it told me exactly what I wanted to know. Cofty's book is great but it focuses on why the Earth is 4.5 billion years old (and it is something that the Watchtower agrees with), not on why mankind is more than 6000 years old (which is a major teaching point for the Watchtower).

    The interesting thing is that there are over 40 different dating methods, and they overlap in the times that can be dated... so there are, for every time period in the Quaternary, multiple methods of dating an artifact. The book is very detailed, but just by reading a bit of it (and other websites), we find that C14 dating usually errs on the side of dating something too young, not too old.

    The Watchtower needs to kill any confidence in the dating of artifacts because it just cannot accept that the Bible is wrong on the chronology of mankind.

  • Crazyguy
    Didn't the discovery of the hidleberg man and some of their villages in the 1990s in Spain I believe, blow the lid off the debate over man's evolution scoring a big victory for evolutionists.

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