Geoffrey Jackson. Seems he will be compelled to front up.

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    Pray for Brother Jackson of the Governing Body!

    In today’s news from Australia it appears that, despite his previous declination to appear when invited, Justice McClellan from the Australian Royal Commission on Child Sex Abuse will officially summon brother Geoffrey Jackson to the stand after all.

    “ ….. The commission was due to conclude its hearings into the Jehovah’s Witnesses on Wednesday but Justice McClellan said he will now call Geoffrey Jackson, a senior member of the church’s governing body in New York who is currently in Australia, to appear next week.”


    Here is where the Prosecutor talks to the Justice regarding Brother Jackson’s

    Hello people. I have just found this on a pro JW site. I don't know if it's completely true yet. But I was told on Friday by one of the staff helping me. " Oh, don't worry about him, we are working on that." I had asked her if he was going to be allowed to beg off appearing before the RC

  • umbertoecho
  • freemindfade
    Of all 7 it's too bad it's Jackson. Oh well. Let the games begin
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I agree with FREEMINDFADE . . . out of the 7, Jackson is least offensive.. . . actually he seems quite likeable/normal.

    This will be interesting.

  • freemindfade
    I have met him a number of times and yes he is inoffensive. He carries a benign way about him. Not like some of the others both current and since passed.
  • Lehman
    I can't wait-this is going to be the best thing ever and Angus knows just the questions to ask
  • cognac
    I'm glad at least one governing body member has to take the stand. What are the chances that even one of them happened to be an Australian citizen?
  • umbertoecho

    He may seem nice and likeable...........until the hard questions are put to him. If this bit of news is true, it means that against his will, he is compelled to answer up.

    The RC has done a lot of research into the hierarchy of this religion and eventually were made aware of his status in the decision making processes. Recall, it was put to the last witness by Stewart that he had deceived the commission as to the role....(power) and influence this man had over those who practice and are faithful to this religion.

    They were not content with......" He's in control of the translating side of things....spin"

    I really hope this source is accurate....

  • freemindfade
    Well the commission seems pretty good at cutting through the bs. Wonder if he'll pull a leosch and claim he doesn't answer to the corporation. I have a feeling they will be prepared for that nonsense
  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Geoffrey Jackson about to testify....Praise The Lord!

    It's like...Christmas in August! Thank you Good Lord!

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