Geoffrey Jackson. Seems he will be compelled to front up.

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  • Bonsai

    They are gonna need lots of extra seats in the courtroom for his body guards, his helper, his lawyers and his psychiatrist.

    I seriously doubt he has the sack to show up. If he does, here is what i would ask:

    How do you, the GB, make policies? Is it by a majority vote?

    Were you appointed by the holy spirit or by men? Are you inspired prophets?

    If inspired, how does god communicate with you? Did he tell you directly to keep the "two witness rule" when dealing with an abuse accusation? Or are you just enforcing a bronze age rule to deal with complicated modern problems?

    Mr. Jackson, your religion is responsible for breaking up families, isolating and shunning those that disagree with your ever changing doctrine, and protecting pedophiles from getting the punishment, rehabilitation that they need from trained law enforcement. How do you respond to this current reality?

  • Dumplin

    @ Dumplin (myself)

    Mr. Stewart first of all needs to somehow positively confirm exactly what Jackson's role is in the GB or the Jackman is gonna weasel out of it.

    What the hell am I worried about??? We're talking about Angus here....say no more.

  • Dumplin
  • umbertoecho

    Don't forget that Justice McClellan established early in the proceedings that there is a redress that is expected to come out of this....This is regardless of what they promise to do in the future. There were lies about the past and terrible things done to children. This is not about simply changing the future. It's about sorting out something for the past wrongs.

    I recall feeling very good at hearing this, for there are many who's lives really are wrecked by what has happened.

  • umbertoecho

    They are gonna need lots of extra seats in the courtroom for his body guards, his helper, his lawyers and his psychiatrist.

    His dietician, butler, spiritual advisor........JC....ha! JCommission, and JChrist......Two great initials.!

    Sorry, went a bit mad there. I'm just so worried it won't happen, so hopeful it will.

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    what's the aussie law equivalent of pleading the 5th. because that's all he's gonna do.
  • possum

    We don"t have a 5th amendment

    Someone said that Jackson seems benign but even benign cancers cause alot of damage...................WT needs some serious chemo.

  • sparrowdown
    Pleading the fifth for the other elders that appeared seemed to take the form of "I can't recall" and "that's not my department."
  • umbertoecho

    I keep scrolling through every reddit, every JW friendly site, JWs on facebook who love the GB, tumblir, everything I can find to see where his name comes up....On the link I gave there was very little about Jackson, but I had established this was a very devoted sort of jw wiki get further I would need to join. I can't, I'll puke if I have to go around bullshitting my way in. Even twitter had some information on him....but it was the site I posted that rang true. There has been nothing but support for our dear Brother Geoffrey Jackson.

    Perhaps he is a nice man. Yet, that is not sufficient to allow for him to deliberately claim ignorance....Someone posted a fantastic post about how the JW religion behaves and how it should not toward those who are molesters....

  • umbertoecho

    Dumplin: It came to the Justice's attention that they had been mislead as to the role and functions of Mr Jackson. They had accepted the illness of his father for a while, but they had also been misled about his status...A GB is next to God, at meetings, they pray to God thanking Him for the GB and their god given knowledge and right to rule..........(.that last bit was just me being nasty and angry) Seriously, in the meeting I have attended this year, it is incredible how the GB have replaced entirely.........the son of god.

    Seven men tell 8 million people how to live and what to believe. I used to be one of those idiots. (nearly)

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