Geoffrey Jackson. Seems he will be compelled to front up.

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  • campaign of hate
    campaign of hate

    It's a lose lose for Jackson and the GB

    If he turns up and answers questions, it will be be all over the news.

    If he doesn't turn up for whatever reason it will be all over the news.

    If he goes to Jail, he may face rejection of entry back into U.S.A. And i doubt he will get a fine. The RC knows the riches of the JWs.

    Which means he will probably turn up. Which means it is is going to be all over the news.

  • Vidiot
    Following Machiavelli's playbook doesn't really work when your authority is imaginary...
  • steve2

    Australia allows dual citizenship so even if Jackson has taken American citizenship, he can still retain his status as an Australian.

  • OrphanCrow
    DD - Secular authorities are demonic?? WOW! I guess Jeehoober F'd up when he set up the Superior Authorities to administer justice.

    Yup. It was in Part 1 of Day 7 about 0:40:40 - Stewart was asking Toole about Acts 5:29 and Toole said that verse applied to Satans and his demons.

    However, Toole went on to expound on Romans 13, on how all Christiians are to obey secular authority and all the bad things that will happen to them if they don't. I hope Toole tells Jackson all that.

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Normal procedure would be (and I guess that this would happen in this case) is for the lawyers for WT in the RC to accept service of summons on behalf of Jackson.

    Last thing I heard in the RC proceedings was that time was to be set aside next week to hear Jackson's evidence - unless the CA approached HHJ McClellan to tell him that jackson would not be attending/could not assist.

    I don't know whether a summons for Jackson's attendance was issued but it certainly seemed that this was the strong probability after the other evidence was heard - and that medical evidence about the condition of Mr Jackson Snr was unlikely to be relevant.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Wow duel citizenship definately makes him a more and more interesting character in this scenario.
  • millie210

    Working theory here...

    ALL websites pro and con are being monitored as to what the flock seems to be leaning toward in their thinking. Careful attention is being paid to feedback from middle men (C.O.s)

    If it seems the flock feels the concerns are warranted, then the BEST thing Jackson could do is appear and agree and outline how the Org is gearing up to lead the world in pedophile protection and sensitivity.

    That would give the flock a "reply to him who is taunting me".

    It would be the surest way to shake loose from the jaws of the RC - agree with them and show you are working on their suggestions.

    Then it wouldnt be long before the JWs were arrogantly tsk tsking other big more unwieldy institutions-who have been more resistant to responding in the positive.

  • Vidiot

    millie210 - "Then it wouldnt be long before the JWs were arrogantly tsk tsking other big more unwieldy institutions - who have been more resistant to responding in the positive."


    ...if they could find them.

  • notsurewheretogo
    Again I ask, is this going to happen or is the RC finished with JW's?
  • umbertoecho


    I hope it happens, then feel a sick feeling that GJackson, GB member, will find some way out of it. Most people have been of the opinion that this will not happen.

    All I do is hope that the small post I found, was indeed true. That he will be before the RC and some serious problems can be addressed.

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