The cruelty of shunning now being exposed rc

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  • Sabin
    Ohiamfree, thanks this is exactly the kind of thoughts I can note and put forward, Theres always a way round and you are right it has to be easily understood. Where theres a will theres a way.
  • freemindfade
    i did reference that thank you

  • eyeuse2badub

    Jesus! This RC thing is the best thing that has happened in nearly 100 years. May da troof by known!

    just saying!


  • Listener
    Sabin, I agree with what you are saying but from a JW perspective they would not view the disfellowshipped person as a victim and even if they did they would consider that it was self inflicted. In the JW world, to think this way, that is, being a victim would be seen as a selfish and egotistical rather than mildly accepting the situation as a discipline. 'Shunning' is an action and it is what a JW does, it focuses more on their actions.
  • steve2
    "We are not victimizing you. If you would but repent of your sins, beg forgiveness and return to Jehovah we will warmly welcome you back. It's in your hands".
  • umbertoecho

    Sabin. Unfortunately if we changed that word "shun" A word that is known world wide to be a part of JW language, it will lose it's importance in this instance. JWs all know what it means, the GB know it. Even the RC commission know it and what it implies.

  • umbertoecho

    Remember that video of the couple at a convention saying how they refused to allow their child to be a part of their lives? This is shunning in an ugly upfront way. Oh, if only the GB could take that one down....I bet some people are very anxious that this proud, recorded moment ever got taped in the first place.......

    It's just so perfect as an example of shunning..........Anyone got it?

  • jwleaks
    In Watchtowerspeak "Shunning is victimless."
  • sparrowdown

    According to WT logic JWs are free to associate with an "inactive" criminal, but not with a law abiding df/da person.

  • azor
    I just told a jw in front of a donut shop in my new neighborhood that she was committing emotional blackmail. I think that is what we should call it - blackmail. The damage is both ways especially when family is inflicting it. When a parent commits this heinous act I believe the emotional scars become evident in all of the auto immune diseases so common amongst jws.

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