The cruelty of shunning now being exposed rc

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  • poopie
    Let justice roll forth.
  • Litebrite

    It's funny that he advises people to just be inactive. If an inactive menber is reported as attending another church, they will be disfellowshipped. So there is no way to leave the org and continue on a spiritual journey. Oh, and if you speak to anyone about your issues while inactive, you'd be disfellowshipped for apostasy. So, his defense of the harshness of the impossible choice still presents people with an impossible choice.

    There is NO way to leave the org without famimy and friends cutting ties to you. This is evil.

  • poopie
    Yes i wrote a letter adressed to all members iif gb regarding shunning with details as to why it was unloveing and unscriptual but they refused to listen to little old me now they must listen to rc now the entire world will no about the cruel behaviour wow were just getting started.
  • ToesUp
    Haven't you's a loving provision from Jehovah. Never bought that one, still don't.
  • paradisebeauty

    I am thinking if a human rights commission looking into this practice of shunning could maybe change things.

    It is not normal for an org. who pretends to be a charity to do this to people. Not in today's world.

    Especially that there are people who get baptized as young as 9 -10. If they change their mind when they grow up, they have to face this cruel treatment.

  • Heaven

    If shunning is a loving provision from Jehovah, then he's a d!ckhead. Something I also concluded when I was a teenager.

  • cognac

    Litebright - very true. I'm inactive, we all know what would happen if I brought a Christmas tree in the house or posted birthday pictures on FaceBook.

    I'm not disfellowshipped and yet my brother won't let me attend his baby shower. I guess this is an example of me not getting shunned. Must be all in my head...

  • freemindfade
    I'm not df'd. Innactive. But just based on my being critical of god and the watchtower I was told "I'll talk to you if you call, but I wont do anything with you socially" not shunning at all! I was also told using the word "shunn" is apostate. That really pissed me off.
  • Ohiamfree
    Everyone that picked up on Mr Stewart discussing this needs to email the Royal Commision and explain that you can't just leave without consequences!!! Please please please!!!
  • sloppyjoe2
    @freeminfade on jaydubdotorg they use the word shunning to explain disfellowshipping under their FAQ do jehovahs witnesses shun former members. In case that ever comes up again, their web site uses that apostate word.

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