The cruelty of shunning now being exposed rc

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  • possum
    The gold standard of any "religion" should revolve around "love". WT org will "love" you on its conditions eg, you protect the abuser of your child by obeying to the two witness rule. If you don't----- then they unconditionally shun you which is very damaging and cast you aside as apostate. This means parents concerned for their child and the safety of other children in the cong and community have less value (don't deserved to be loved) than a person who has committed an offence against a child but........ there is only one witness the child!!!! go figure.
  • barry

    At least they the JWs don't kill for apostasy like the muslim religion.

    There is no penalty for apostasy in the christian religion people come and go and exercise their own free will. We hope they stay but still regard them as christian brothers if they happen to join another denomination

  • paradisebeauty

    I think the authorities that approve charities in countries need to be informed about the practice of "shunning" in JW land.

    Normally a charity should not harm people.

    If they do, they should not call themselves "a charity".

  • Sabin

    Steve2, Thank you. However I`m not D`s, & have been a JWs most of my life. I do however have a brain of my own that work`s in conjunction with a heart. When some one is in trauma from things that have happened to them in the truth, they can suffer with diagnosable psychological disorders, such as depression, anxiety & post-traumatic stress. These are disruptive to a persons life, the victim may develop symptoms like withdrawal, nightmares & avoidance behaviour. So you see it is not necessarily in their hands. The WTBTS by their own admission knows that most people in this situation being D`s come back not for love of God but because they are lonely & afraid, having no life skill`s outside the org & no friends being that they weren't allowed them. O.K." If you repent, beg forgiveness we will warmly welcome you back, It`s in your hands. Well we all know that when God made man, he didn't give him enough blood. That is why he is incapable of using his brain & cock at the same time. So I can only assume that when you wrote that comment you were jerking off.

  • Sabin
    P.S. Don`t answer back because I will ignore you.
  • steve2

    Sabin, it looks like my post was way too subtle and you misunderstood my intent. I am in complete agreement with you. My comment was in quotes, using irony to capture what JWs would say in defense of their lovelessness. They frame it shrewdly as a variation on the old line , "We're doing this for your own good" - in this case, shunning.

    By quoting the JW mindset without adding any commentary, I let them expose themselves for what they are.

    So, do you see that I wasn't masturbating - at least not this time?

  • InquiryMan
    Interestingly, in many languages the term shun cannot be translated. In scandinavian languages the term is invariably translated in terms of have nothing to do with, avoid etc...
  • Sabin

    Steve2, well I will have to eat my words. I thought you were being an ass. You weren't. SORRY SORRY SORRY. will you please forgive me.

  • Vidiot

    I think a pretty compelling argument could be made that a parent ostracizing his or her own child constitutes a form of abuse.

  • freemindfade

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