The cruelty of shunning now being exposed rc

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  • steve2
    Vidiot, I take your point but it is also not uncommon for JW children to shun their parents who have left. Besides, the word "children" implies the a
  • steve2

    Oops, I did not check that my post had only been partially posted so here is the part unintentionally left out:

    ...the word "children" implies indiivduals are minors still under the care and protection of parents which, in the bulk of cases of children leaving is not the case (i.e., they are usually young adults or over age 16).

    It doesn't make shunning right, so to speak, but courts would likely determine they have no legal jurisdiction over whether or not family members choose to shun other family members.

    In other words, the rule of law generally does not cover usual human interactions or noninteractions unless it can be demonstrated beyond individual instances that a crime has been committed (in which case, existing laws would cover the identified transgression).

  • steve2

    Hey Sabin, you are so very likeable that forgiving you is not even necessary.

  • dubstepped

    Ain't no shunnin' like a J-dub shunnin' cuz a J-dub shunnin' don't stop.

    So when you see a dub leavin' no matter the reason ya gotta give the dub his props.

    So far I've experienced the "insta-shun", which occurs when you do something out of the ordinary that they've been told is wrong, even though it isn't so wrong that the congregation would act. No need to think, just shun, now, now, NOW! Still, shunning as an instant default is quite the protection.

    As soon as my DA goes through, I'll then get to experience the "perma-shun", which never ends and is enforced by peer pressure.

    There were lots of things that I "fun-shunned", things like getting too involved in sports or watching movies with any type of magic in them. The "fun-shun" is effective at avoiding any pitfalls in life because they always come with a side of fun. Get rid of fun and you can avoid doing something resulting in an insta- or perma- shunning later.

    Ah shunning, such an easy way to put things in their respective places. You don't have to think, just act in avoidance so as to never be in danger of using your mind or conscience. Really a useful tool for those who are desperate to be "good enough" in the organization and who want to save their lives by avoiding problems. It worked really well for me until I started to pair my mind that always had some questions about things with my emotions that moved me to really start investigating and take issue with things enough to get out.

  • barry
    Julie Bishop just said we should strip our cricketers citizenship because of their lack luster performance, all out in the first innings for 60. Maybe thats a bit drastic wouldn't shunning work?
  • pepperheart
    If the GB had any sense they would stop shunning not only because its totally evil and nasty but it would get rid of people that didnt want to be JWs but didnt want to have to go through shunning and also if lots of people left it would help in selling kingdom halls off the global borg empire will still be there even if they sell off 10 or 20,000 kingdom halls
  • SoJo16

    Surely the need for ever greater amounts of cash will result in loosening the shunning policy. Like maybe they don't need to shun while in the Kingdom Hall.

  • oppostate

    If the GB had any sense they would stop shunning not only because its totally evil and nasty but it would get rid of people that didnt want to be JWs

    Of course that's assuming the GB has "any sense". Which obviously it doesn't. They're all about high control and ruling, lording it, over others. The shunning policy is proof that they've set themselves as masters of other peoples' faith.

    Bunch of gormless worms! This saying has proved true! They are a bunch of "gormless worms" feeding off of the tasty minds of others held captive in the bowels of this 0rganization.

  • zeb
    If you have any experience personal or near of shunning please email to rc about it. Don't leave to others the more the better. If the wt is forced to reconsider this practice and come back with it be it on their head. If they drop it or 'modify' it then by such it is proven to be rules of men.
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