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  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    I just sent this email to Angus Stewart:

    Dear Mr.Stewart,
    Thank you very much for the excellent work you have done in the public hearing into Jehovah's Witnesses for the Australian Royal Commission. You are clearly very dedicated to your cause. It's been a pleasure to watch your professional and methodical approach.

    I do not wish to bother you or waste your valuable time, but this is, I feel, an important question to address to Mr Geoffrey Jackson..

    Not only for the court record, but also for the sake of many (JW or otherwise) that will be listening in and reading the transcripts, who are told (in the case of Jehovah's Witnesses) not to read any negative stories in the press or pass them on. Most have no idea of the court battles that the organisation has fought to protect the details of those who have committed crimes against children..

    This is only a rough and amateurish outline, of course. I have no doubt you would be able to do much better with the phrasing and such, but I hope that you might consider using at least part of the general reasoning. I would be honoured if you even read this, to be honest.

    Do you, as a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses and a proclaimed follower of Jesus Christ, always obey the law and cooperate with the courts of the land, except of course where your understanding of the scriptures tell you that you cannot do so?
    *Yes, I do*

    And bearing in mind that both yourself and the other members of the Governing Body view yourselves as anointed followers of Jesus Christ, and must therefore be exemplary in your conduct, and in obeying what you are instructed to do as written in the Bible, which includes obeying the 'secular authorities'..

    Would you be able to say that your fellow Governing Body members would be scripturally required to do the same as you have stated, always obeying the law and cooperating with the courts of the land, so long as there was no conflict with Gods law?

    *Yes, I can say that.

    Do you believe that each one of them would do these things?

    I submit to you that you are wrong in saying that.

    *I'm sorry?

    Is it true that in 2014 Mr. Loesch, your fellow member of the Governing Body ignored a direct court order to appear, and that the Watchtower organisation (which you oversee and direct) refused court orders to hand over vital documents regarding child abuse, when they were in fact able to do so?

    Here are 2 links that contain much of the information regarding the case:

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, sir.
    Yours respectfully,

    What do you think?

    I'm not very good with words, but the general idea hopefully came across.

  • OzGirl
    Looking forward to watching this. Awesome to watch McClellan and Stewart in action.
  • flipper
    Wanted to bump this up for any who may have missed it who had not been posting on the board lately
  • _Morpheus
    So, just curious... Did you get your "gotcha" moment? I watched about an hour (it was late here in the usa) but jackson seemed calm and was ducking and weaving like a champ.
  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Yes Morpheus the 'gotcha' moment came after they broke for lunch ! That is how Mr.Stewart works ,he paves the way and leads you down the road then BAM starts making his points .

    Mr Jackson flat out lied in the second half of the hearing .

  • TheListener
    I wasn't able to hear the remainder of the hearing (after lunch). What was the gotcha moment?!
  • _Morpheus
    What was it???
  • oppostate


    What was it???

    Well, it would actually be much easier to say what he actually said that wast true. Everything else was just veiled attempts to misdirect and qualify every of his answers so you weren't really sure what his (and the rest of the GB's) views were.

    I think an important point was GJ says JW's don't believe in corporal punishment when the Bible says not to "spoil the rod". That was a big WTH moment, considering the constant practice of "disciplining" JW children in the back room for being antsy during two hour long boring meetings.

    Also Mr. Steward guided him through how a person who wants to leave the organization has to face the devastating result that it may cost him/her friends, family, the only support community they know. GJ would not "accept" that this makes the WT religion a "captive organization".

    And there were so many other points. Thanks to Controller the videos are being posted to YouTube.

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