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  • Splash

    It would be good to hear him admit that certain procedures have no basis in scripture, or that other organisations have better child protection policies, or that Bible procedures are inferior to modern procedures.

    I wonder if the topic of baptising minors will come up since that is the leverage that a JC has to threaten df'ing if the child victim speaks to others about their abuse, when the JC has not found 2 witnesses or has a confession.

    WT even has pictures of small children being baptised in their cartoons under the 'Children' section, not the 'Teenagers' section!.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    By keeping the sexual abuses a secret, not only the organization of JWs protects pedophiles, but this cult made in USA prevents innocent victims from receiving in due time the psychiatric care necessary and essential to their recovery, which in many cases explain some suicide attempts.

    This religious organization that does not respect basic humanitarian laws should be banned as soon as possible, not only in Australia, but in the whole world too

  • zeb

    This is good news.

    I wish you all health happiness and modest success in all you do. I am leaving here because what I have endeavoured to do has come to fruition. It has been at a huge cost to my health.

    I have perhaps one disappointment that being that no one in the US has seen fit to take up my request to nominate Candace Conti for them Nobel peace Prize as far as i know. the nominator has to be someone of the nominees country and of their government to do this. So no one knows a senator or congressman enough (or not) to write to and get this underway.?

    I know there are bigger forces at work here and perhaps its for the better.

    I will drop in in the future best wishes to you all.


  • umbertoecho

    Oh........huge sigh! Less tightness in chest.............a bit less stress.............

    Thank god!!! I was so worried that WT sliminess would prevail and he would get away.

    I think this is one of the best outcomes I could ever have imagined. I know it will mean so much for so many. I don't expect a miracle but I hope they grill him and grill relentlessly until he is forced into telling the bloody truth. Or.......he lies and lies and they let him lie, then they give him some nice documents that fly right in the face of his/their, deceptions.

    That funny little prayer I found on that small site was right after all.

  • _Morpheus

    Oh my this IS interesting! I want to be clear on my position: i still dont think this will amount to much in the scheme of things (wt wise) but getting him in and getting him on the record could have important ramifications down the road. These guys seem to be versed in wt speak and will be able to pin him down in ways that other courts may not. i am looking forward to Friday.

    Mickymouse that made me lol!

  • Listener

    As someone else pointed out the wording in the Media Release states that they 'anticipate' that this hearing will take place.

    This might suggest that they have as yet had no confirmation from Geoffrey Jackson that he will attend.

  • umbertoecho

    You know what? I'm going to remain as neutral in my thinking as possible, because I have found that so much was revealed in this RC. His Honour and Stewart were so savvy, and caught the glib mouthed elders, lawyers et ale... in lies and deceptions time and again.

    I underestimated the strength of Stewart for a few minutes there...........then I realized this was a huge team of over 300 staff involved in the RC into WTower practices and it was all flooding out. I have to have some faith about the capacity of this RC to override the diversions and half truths.

    What I am saying is..............I am going to pump all my good thoughts toward this RC and those who will question. If Jackson doesn't turn up, he will be in deep deep legal trouble. We have extradition agreements between America and Australia.

  • umbertoecho

    On the Royal Commission site the date, time and who is coming to testify is all there.

    There is no "anticipation word". If he doesn't front. the shit will hit the fan.....

  • Watchtower-Free
  • _Morpheus
    And while i feel human compassion for him over his fathers ill health but he is one of the heads of a multinational corporation. He can spare some time to appear.

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