Theocratic Warfare

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  • stuckinarut2

    No doubt we noticed the Royal Commission ask Vin Toole (and I think Terry O'Brien) about the expression "theocratic warfare"?

    They were asked to explain it and what is meant to witnesses.

    Vin outrightly LIED when he said he "had never heard of that expression!"

    I remember him using that term in conversations and talks many times!!

    So the very fact that he refused or lied about it is proof of "theocratic warfare" in action!


    He's a liar. Liars lie. It's what they do. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... JWs are borderline sociopaths on a good day.



    They should do a new version of "Faith In Action" and use clips from the RC!!!


  • Splash

    I posted this in a different thread, but it fits better here.


    YES - Watchtower Oct 1, 1954, par 21, 25
    "No harm is practiced by withholding incriminating information from one who is not entitled to know."

    YES - Watchtower May 1, 1957 Page 285 - 286.
    "So in time of spiritual warfare it is proper to misdirect the enemy by hiding the truth."

    YES - Watchtower June 1, 1960, pages 351-352
    "We must tell the truth to one who is entitled to know, but if one is not so entitled we may be evasive."

    YES - Insight On The Scriptures, Volume 2, 1988 pages 244-245.
    "While malicious lying is definitely condemned in the Bible, this does not mean that a person is under obligation to divulge truthful information to people who are not entitled to it"

    YES - w07 2/1 p. 6 Why Be Truthful?
    So while Jesus did not utter an untruth, he gave them an incomplete answer in order to limit the possible harm they could do to him or to his followers.

    Theocratic warfare has long been a feature of the WT's dealings with worldly authorities.
  • jwfacts

    I am going to post a new page of quotes regarding this tonight. The statement that Theocratic Warfare includes lying appeared in the 1950's, and not since. However, the term theocratic warfare continued to be used in the 1980's, so Vin Toole has read it since he was baptised. The term more common now is "spiritual warfare." The articles now are more cautious not to suggest perjury or lying, but still continue to say a JW should misdirect people or withhold information for the benefit of the organisation.

  • wifibandit

    Awake! 2000 February 8th, Page 21

    Of course, being truthful does not mean that we are obligated to divulge all information to anyone who asks it of us. Do not give what is holy to dogs, neither throw your pearls before swine, that they may never ... turn around and rip you open, warned Jesus, at Matthew 7:6. For example, individuals with wicked intent may have no right to know certain things. Christians understand that they are living in a hostile world. Thus, Jesus advised his disciples to be cautious as serpents while remaining innocent as doves. (Matthew 10:16; John 15:19) Jesus did not always disclose the full truth, especially when revealing all the facts could have brought unnecessary harm to himself or his disciples. Still, even at such times, he did not lie. Instead, he chose either to say nothing or to divert the conversation in another direction.

  • cattails

    I've been trying to catch up on the videos on YouTube (excellent work on making them accessible) I couldn't stay up in to the wee hours so I appreciate a lot the YouTube videos.

    I never heard the term "theocratic warfare" or don't remember hearing it if I ever did. But the idea behind it has been discussed and studied at meetings always in relation to persecution and looking ahead at the GT when the authorities would come after all JWs.

    BTW is there another public hearing today, August 6th, morning Ozzie time?

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Presumably Mr. Toole has, as a trained lawyer and Watchtower appointed elder, given close consideration to the subject of "lies" in relation to the religion's doctrine. Yes?

    So where on earth would a trained lawyer and Watchtower appointed elder baptized in the 1970s go to learn about the religion's doctrine on lies?

    Oh. I almost forgot!!! Of course such a person would go to the religion's index of publications and look under the subject "lies". Right?

    Guess what shows up sticking right in your eyes in Watch Tower Publications Index 1930-1985... THIS:

    distinguished from “theocratic war strategy”: ad 1061; w60 352; w57 285; w56 86-87

    That particular index was first published in year 1986. Me thinks Mr. Toole is a bold face liar.

  • cattails

    I was watching him on the video and I kept thinking this man doesn't know much for being a lawyer. It is so obvious he was trying to avoid answering truthfully and sincerely.

    I've been watching the videos in backward order and it's such an eye opener to see these appointed men try to mislead the Royal Commission. I can't believe it, they're so 'brazen'

  • OnTheWayOut

    It is very simple. He was actively engaged in theocratic warfare when he answered a question about the same.

    "I have never heard of such an expression (coming out of the mouth of a non-member)."

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