Theocratic Warfare

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  • Alive!

    I haven't seen the video - did this representative for Jehovah via the WTBTS really say he'd never heard the expression 'theocratic warfare' ? Really?

    What a liar - all JWs KNOW this expression and it's meaning in relation to communicating with the 'world'.

    I feel so sick that I trusted these liars and their ridiculous leadership.

  • jwfacts

    Thanks for the correction Splash.

    Alive! - Toole said he was not aware of the term, because the quote they used was prior to his baptism. Even if he could not remember hearing of it, he would have understood what it meant and linked it to spiritual warfare. I don't know why they kept playing dumb when by then they knew Stewart was not going to be fooled, as he had done his research.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    January 2016 Watchtower page 5 leaves a loophole to allow for JWs to use Theocratic Warfare with a clear conscience.

    WHAT IS IT? Saying something false to someone who is entitled
    to know the truth
    . Lying can include misrepresenting or distorting
    facts in order to mislead a person, omitting key information to deceive
    someone, and exaggerating the truth in order to give a false

  • Londo111

    So if I understand that...lying IS NOT "misrepresenting or distorting facts", "omitting key information to deceive", or "exaggerating the truth" IF someone isn't "entitled
    to know the truth

    Of course, who is not "entitled to know the truth"? Whoever Watchtower decides is not entitled. That loophole could give someone licence to lie...but redefine the word so that they are not "lying".

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep


    "misrepresenting or distorting facts", "omitting key information to deceive", or "exaggerating the truth" is ok if someone is not "entitled to know the truth".

  • Lieu

    Lying is lying. It is not "theocratic" anything ... just lying. No such thing as theocratic warfare exists among Christians. Satan is the father of the lie.

    Christians worship God with spirit and TRUTH.

    Only those ashamed of the TRUTH lie when called in front of Caesar. No witness for the "Truth", just a bunch of lies. Fear of men. Evil slaves ... cowards!


    I could see lying to protect people, like my elder brother would say. "If the nazis were looking for Jews hiding in your basement, you would lie to try to protect them"

    I can see that of course.But what about regular questions about the org? There is no life and death decision there. Why lie then?
    Answer- Because there is NO TRUTH in THE TRUTH. Hence the saying that is so indicative of the reality. LYING FOR THE TRUTH.

    How could anyone continue promoting such nonsense after hearing the phrase 'LYING FOR THE TRUTH"?

  • jhine

    I have said this before but it is worth saying again ,IMHO , for lurkers .It clearly doesn't occur to the r&f that elders can decide that there are things that they are not entitled to know , and do COs etc decide that there are things that elders aren't entitled to know .If so it is permissible for anyone in the org to lie to anyone else in the org , using the " need to know " principle as an excuse .

    So how can active Witnesses trust anything they are told ?


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