Justice McClellan was annoyed by not being made aware of the authority of Jackson as a GB top dog. Material needed if any one here could ..

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    OC, That's it, thanks!
  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    I would pay good money for the following question to be asked publicly.

    Do you believe that the Australian government and by extension this RC is ultimately controlled by Satan?

  • sir82

    I would pay good money for the following question to be asked publicly.

    Do you believe that the Australian government and by extension this RC is ultimately controlled by Satan?

    Oh man, I would also be willing to pay up to hear that one! Especially if posited to a GB member.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Welcome ANON2!

    The couple of quotes are gems!

  • Petraglyph
  • Anon2

    Glad the governing body info was found. Was thinking it was from their 2012 annual "new light" meeting.

    Thank you breakfast of champions. You are all so nice!

    Orphan Crow, agree totally on bragging about teaching materials. I sent an example of their teaching cartoon that was 1 min. 40 seconds telling the children they have a conscience, they can say no, they can tell their parents, and reassuring them they have Jehovah.

    So the child who is probably an expert on guilty conscience, who feels it's their fault in the first place, can disobey the talking back to adults rule and tell the family member or friend "no". They will probably realize it's also ok to also violate the rules about talking about those unmentionable body parts and modesty.

    Then the reassurance that "We have Jehovah". Yes, the one who watches all, sees all, hears all, and expects obedience to parents and authority figures and will slay you if you don't follow those rules. Right. That will help.

    All the responsibility is put on the child. But, it makes the parents feel better. Now the kids know. Whew. Thanks for the governing body.


    Here's a few more I sent the Commission or Mr. Stewart:

    “the legal system may offer little hope of successful prosecution.” (Awake! 1993 10/8 page 9)http://jwsurvey.org/child-abuse-2/tony-morris-scapegoats-gay-people-in-bizarre-child-abuse-denial-rant

    elder instructions/predator

    (Didn't elders at the hearing say that if the law was involved they delayed their JW judicial hearings)

    elders – the spiritual leaders of local congregations – to form confidential committees to handle potential criminal matters internally.
    “In some cases, the elders will form a judicial committee to handle the alleged wrongdoing that may also constitute a violation of criminal law (e.g., murder, rape, child abuse, fraud, theft, assault),” the directive stipulates. “Generally, the elders should not delay the judicial committee process, but strict confidentiality must be maintained to avoid unnecessary entanglement with secular authorities who may be conducting a criminal investigation of the matter.”

    This is the Nov. letter mentioned in the link above. Paragraph 12 deals with subpeona's and tells them not to turn over information. It's at:

    Getting pretty wordy here so I better stop now. 8) Thank you all for your kindness. 8)

  • pepperheart
    how important is geoffery jackson to the watchtower if im right in thinking that he has done a monthly broadcast on jw broadcasting then he is one of only 7 men in the whole world that has done so
  • OrphanCrow

    Contrary to Applewhite's testimony that there isn't any empirical evidence that has been done in her "expert" area, there has been expert investigations and reports done into both the organizational structure and the literature of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    In 2000, these experts submitted their reports to the Supreme Court in Russia:

    [V].[P].[Belyanin], the doctor of philological sciences, the professor of the department of psycholinguistics HAZE, the professor of the center of international formation MGU [im]. [M].[V].[Lomonosova], the corresponding member of the academy of humanitarian studies, the academician of Moscow psychotherapeutic academy, the member of the international association of applied psycholinguistics, the member of the board of juridical psychologists;
    [M].[M].[Gromyko], the doctor of historical sciences, professor, the main scientific worker of the institute of ethnology and anthropology RAN [Russian Academy of Science]
    [D].[A].[Leontev], the doctor of psychological sciences, the docent of the department of psychology of MGU [im]. [M].[V].[Lomonosova], the substitute the chairman of the council of the Moscow department of Russian psychological society;
    [S].[A].[Nebolsin], the candidate of philological sciences, that manages by the sector of artistic interactions of the division of theory and methodology of history of literature and [iskusstvoznaniya], the chairman of scientific council for complex problem “Russia, the West and the east” of the institute of world literature RAN [Russian Academy of Science], the member of the administration of the union of the writers of Russia.

    The conclusions of the Russian expert reports can be found at this link here:

    Russian court expert testimony

    a snippet... [iegovy] or [iegove] refers to Jehovah - a Russian translation problem:

    As it is indicated in the division of the I, with the expert inspection of the texts of the witnesses Of [iegovy] it is established that they bear negative relation to the peace, they attempt to fence off man from the peace and to intimidate him. By an only way out situation is proposed the service To [iegove], at basis of which lies the subordination of the will of man to the will of this organization.
    In contrast to the traditional religions, in the literature and the documents of the witnesses Of [iegovy] the greatest attention is paid to the tactics of behavior with the sermon, to the methods of attraction in the organization, the discussion deals constantly with “the service”.
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I say offer any Governing Body who has evidence to convict this cult of it's crimes against humanity immunity from prosecution and put under a "witness" protection plan.

    Something this commission won't do but the federal government USA might want to think about and offer if thing heat up in the USA about these abuse issues.

  • Vidiot

    @ Brokeback...

    I suggested a similar scenario a couple weeks back...

    ...that if it comes to it, prosecuters could offer immunity to any WTHQ whistleblowers, perhaps from the Legal Dept. (whilst ensuring their "confidentiality"... two can play that game, after all).

    Then if it reaches the point where GB members are indicted (RICO racketeering, criminal conspiracy... whatever), simply offer significantly reduced sentences to any who publicly fess up, acknowledge WT ideology as fundamentally wrong, and renounce it.

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