Justice McClellan was annoyed by not being made aware of the authority of Jackson as a GB top dog. Material needed if any one here could ..

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    w13 7/15 pp. 20-25


    • The faithful and discreet slave”: A small group of anointed brothers who are directly involved in preparing and dispensing spiritual food during Christ’s presence. Today, these anointed brothers make up the Governing Body

    ws11 7/15 p. 21

    16 None of us today believe that Christians have to obey the Law of Moses to receive salvation. Paul’s words to the Ephesians are very clear: “By this undeserved kindness, indeed, you have been saved through faith; and this not owing to you, it is God’s gift. No, it is not owing to works.” (Ephesians 2:8, 9) So today, how can Christians enter into God’s rest, that is, have a part in his rest? Remember that Jehovah chose his day of rest to be the day that he completes his purpose for the earth and obedient humans. Jehovah tells us through his organization about his purpose and what he wants from us. We can enter into Jehovah’s rest if we obey him and work with his organization.

    17 But we are acting against Jehovah’s purpose if we do not obey the faithful and discreet slave or if we choose to obey only what we think is important. And if we act against Jehovah’s purpose, we cannot be his friends. In the next article, we will talk about some situations that give us the opportunity to show if we are obedient. The decisions we make in these situations will show if we have entered into God’s rest.

    w15 3/15 p. 29

    For example, they give financial contributions and help to build Kingdom Halls, Assembly Halls, and branch facilities, and they loyally obey those appointed by “the faithful and discreet slave” to take the lead.

    w07 4/1 pp. 21-25

    Loyal to Christ and His Faithful Slave

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    Bill Covert, Yes. I said that the RC was an iron fist in a velvet glove, and washed that down with my supplemented brandy/whiskey coffee. Purely medicinal mind you.....

    Didn't the "Unthank" case contain a quote by O'Brien claiming the WTBTS was structured exactly like the Catholic Church!?!?

    That would be a real "Oh shit!" moment for O'Brien.


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    Didn't the "Unthank" case contain a quote by O'Brien claiming the WTBTS was structured exactly like the Catholic Church!?!?

    We haven't heard from Stephen Unthank through the Royal Commission's process so far. Is he reachable? Who can contact him?

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    Half the XJW women on the planet now want to have Angus' baby.

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    oppostate - "We haven't heard from Stephen Unthank through the Royal Commission's process so far. Is he reachable?"

    He's probably off somewhere celebrating with a case of scotch.

    Can't say he hasn't earned it.

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    Don't mean to rudely barge in without introduction, but wanted to let you know I registered, first of all to thank everyone for all the useful information you've offered over time.

    Have been a lurker to the point of feeling like a voyeur, but have wanted to share during the hearings in Australia. Have contacted them many times with information I had. Would share now, but not sure of the policy on newbies posting links, so for now, will wait except to state quotes of my latest mailings to either Mr. Stewart or the Commission. Special thanks to the poster here who listed those addresses.

    One was a statement from Geoffrey Jackson in the August 2015 Watchtower that seemed to me to contradict the original statement offered to officials. It is:

    "Since September 2005, I have had the unexpected privilege of serving as a member of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. While I can no longer serve as a translator, I thank Jehovah that he allows me to remain involved in supporting the worldwide translation work."

    Also included a statement the Commission may be interested in, from the wol version of their official website, a statement that:

    "Yes, Satan is the source of the power and authority of human governments. Thus, as the apostle Paul wrote, the true “world rulers” are “wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places,” who control human governments."

    If anyone wants the links and can let me know it's ok to post them,then I will. Didn't want to get banned on the first post. 8)

    Thank you again everyone!
  • the girl next door
    the girl next door
    You can absolutely post the links. Welcome and well done Anon2
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    Was there not an article published recently in the Watchtower that was all about the Organisation/Governing Body and how they should be obeyed?

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