Justice McClellan was annoyed by not being made aware of the authority of Jackson as a GB top dog. Material needed if any one here could ..

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  • umbertoecho

    Hello again.

    Splash had a pile of scriptural evidence which he uploaded and it was good material. It established the GB as the FDS and used Watchtower study articles.........I don't know if he was the only one but the material flew in the face of what those men have been saying. It proves, using their own material how they indeed think they are the ones with the direct control over millions of lives, because as you know.........they are the direct hot line to God.

    I wonder. Do any of you people have any more material or advice as to where we could go in getting it to them. You see, yesterday was the first day that Justice McClellan understood the authority of GB member Jackson. He was irritated by it, felt mislead and all that sort of anger one feels when deliberately led astray......Just look at his face as he realises fully how the organization, that promised to be truthful, on the bible no less............proceeded to dupe.....

  • OrphanCrow

    The Watchtower Society Charter might be useful. The charter sets out the lines of authority. the WTS might try to claim scriptual lines of authority, but the legal parameters are bound by corporate law, I would think.

    Now that the Royal Commission has moved up the corporate ladder, the NY documents should apply.

  • cattails
    I know right! Justice McCleland isn't going to let this slide! And Angus was obviously angered by the misdirections and evasions of these apointed men. I'm so happy that Angus called Bro. O'Brian on the carpet for telling others to downplay Bro. Jackson's role as a GB member! I love Angus! He's awesome and hot too!
  • OrphanCrow

    Here is a recent thread that has links to the Charter documents:


    I would like to see the Commission sink their teeth into the "annointed status" and then, who the actual members of the Watchtower Society are. These jokers get away with the claim that "we are just Jehovah's Witnesses" when some have that elite membership into the Society itself. Society membership has an elevated status.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • umbertoecho

    Good work dear Crow !!

    cattails. AFRIKANMAN posted the credential of Angus Stewart. A Rhodes Scholar no less
    Have a little look and it falls into place, why he is a calm, clear and deliberate questioner without rancour. He shows no "glee" when his arrows hit home. Such an attitude would amount to a vulgar display in a public forum.

    He and McClellan are very comfortable with each other, the other lawyers representing the women who came forward with such courage, are equally well versed and refuse the emotional reaction. This Commission has always operated in this manner, not just with WTBTS abuse claims, but with many other aspect of human life where an investigation was the best way to uncover the right information.........I have seen the results that come from these commission as they are out there for the "public". I think you have this in America do you not?

    I feel very content that this is actually happening for it is long overdue. JWs in Austalia land are ever so quiet at the moment

  • jwfacts

    There are two articles that will help them for quotes. jwfacts.com/watchtower/governing-body.php and jwfacts.com/watchtower/faithful-discreet-slave.php. These show that the GB structure is not supported by Scripture, and also the huge power that they hold over JWs.

    Directed by holy spirit includes quotes that they claim supernatural guidance in formulating doctrine.

  • umbertoecho
    oooh that is a good one watchtowerfree. How do I get that to them. I was told that anything I sent would be passed on. Not just the material I sent, but others too.
  • OrphanCrow

    Perfect! If Jackson doesn't appear, the Catholic expert will have a difficult time defending the JWs archaic judicial system.

    Jackson is on both the teaching and writing departments - both of which Applewhite claims to have examined so closely. And says are so good for teaching about child sex abuse. I hope he gets to explain the benefits of the most recent monster cartoon.

    Jackson has to appear if they hope to have the court accept Applewhite's expert report, that they weaseled more time out of the court for presentation. She is going to have a hard time coming up with a relevant report after a representative from those two departments either doesn't show or dors show and makes an ass out of all of them.

    The screws are tightening.

    cattails: I love Angus! He's awesome and hot too!

    I am a huge Angus Stewart fan as well. His courtroom presence is so good. I wouldn't want to piss him off. I love that he lets his emotions show - he got really pissed at the end of last session when the WT lizard was trying to block parts of the letter that Stewart submitted.

    Stewart has a brilliant mind - I am honored to observe it in action. Impressive. He is cute, too. I betcha everybody wanted to pinch his cheeks when he was a little guy! Lol!

  • umbertoecho

    Right Got all of that and have saved it to post in a little while. I'll send it to the people looking after me and to the general RC site.....

    Thank you so much.

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