Did you hear that!? His Honour is insisting that Jackson attend the Royal Commission

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  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    Jackson will not testify even if summoned. The GB think they are above the law. Just watching some of their videos this year shows how smug they all are.
  • sir82

    They lose it because it's not between penitent and one elder. It's because it's between penitent and the elder, and all the local elders, and the CO, and the local branch and mother in Brooklyn... oh and then anyone who then gets access to the file at a later date.

    I am astounded that in all the years that JWs have claimed "ecclesiastical privilege", that no one seems to have brought this up in any court case (at least, not to my knowledge).

    How can it be "ecclesiastical privilege" when likely dozens of people have access to the information?

  • steve2

    I am perhaps a little behind the ball on this issue, but just wanting to clairfy, is the Geroffrey Jackson you are all referring to Michael's pop?

  • Mephis
    @sir82 - in Britain, there's not really a right there in the first place (bar for CofE clergy - and that's not been tested for a few hundred years). Courts will generally try to work with the religion to avoid having to bring out the stick to get them to testify. In the US, it tends to be the other extreme, although I think Zalkin has been pressing against its application for JWs in recent cases on these grounds?
  • WingCommander

    Oh come on now, do you REALLY think Jackson or any other GB Member will come before a public commission to answer questions concerning.......ANYTHING? Not happening. They'll have their legal minions stall, deflect, stall, bribe, and scapegoat until The End finally comes, just so they don't incriminate themselves.

    Jesus confidently and respectfully stood before Pontious Pilate and answered questions, what do these guys do? Hide behind sick relatives and scheister lawyers and answer for NOTHING. So much for following in Jesus' footsteps, aye?

  • ron rawson
    ron rawson

    If you wish to send a note to Stewart I believe the correct email address is:

    [email protected]

    It was previously noted in this thread but, the Australia ".au" was left missing. I think it fitting we should bombard him and the whole commission with our deepest appreciation and long term commitment to follow the hearing made public to the end.

  • JustVisting

    Couldn't the RC alert Australian airport Customs inspectors to be on the lookout for any person trying to flee the country who's passport fits the description below?

    Name: Geoffrey Jackson

    Country of birth: Australia

    Citizenship: Upper Jerusalem

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Slightly off topic but I just sent Stewart an email with a pdf copy of Crisis of Conscience attached. Don't know if it could help him but it's worth the effort.
  • Splash

    Putting GJ on the stand is the JW equivalent of questioning the pope!

    I hope Angus realises this is a once in a lifetime chance that anyone will ever get to ask questions directly and publicly of a GB member!!

    I have to say, if I want to see anyone asking the questions then it's Angus.

  • Oubliette

    The GB members are all cowards.

    Jesus showed up for his trial.

    That loser Loesch refused to come when subpoenaed in California.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

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