Did you hear that!? His Honour is insisting that Jackson attend the Royal Commission

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  • sherrie11

    I think if he leaves the country the Judge will make him video conference.

    fingers crossed.

    Proud to be an Aussie !!!


    Outlaw, You can do better than that.....come on. A better disguise please.....umbertoecho

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Umb, don't get my hopes up! REALLY? Is this possible? Cannot wait to see it happen. I think the rat will run, no doubt about it in my mind. I think the justice isn't so stupid as not to see through the barrage of BS from ol'Spinks meant to protect the GB members. Good old common sense wins out. Let's hope they were moving to subpoena him before this and it was in the works before he amscras!

  • umbertoecho
    Outlaw, that's more like it...I knew you would come through....
  • umbertoecho

    As his Honour said. It's not Mr Jackson who is ill is it?

    No your Honour

    It's his father who is ill isn't it?

    Yes your Honour.

    Well, we all have to cope with thing in life...................I had not been informed of his (high?) importance to this religion.............but it has been brought to my attention now and I see no reason why he cannot appear to assist with this investigation.

  • umbertoecho
    barry, that was an brilliantly silly movie. I still have it and enjoy it.
  • Dumplin
  • Stirred

    Yes,caught it. I'm hooked. Taking notes also on how they are attcking practices regarding women. I was hoping they were going to bring out the Samuel Herd clip saying women's brains are smaller and thus not equipped for leadership,,,.or to that effect.

    Interesting that they appear not to trust that this trip is just about Jackson's father...asking for proof of father's condition. They seemed very suspicious; like he is using excuse to monitor and direct from sidelines.

    i also love how the judge ordered the JW attorney to get a draft of new policies/ practices, as discussed, to them no later than two weeks from today.

    Sounds like the JW case will be extended beyond two weeks....hopefully we will all get to see a GB on the stand, finally.

  • HeyThere


    These pedophile issues are one of the top issues I discovered that knocked me out of thinking jws were just a harmless eclectic, weird branch of Christianity.

    I can't sleep, thinking about this. Members of my family were abused in this religion, and just thinking of the thousands of children whose lives were devastated by not just the abuse but the treatment of them...and their abuser...afterwards...it is so awful they have gotten away with their sneaky ish all these decades.

    Go get 'em ARC!

    can't wait to see how Jackson responds to this.

  • greenhornet
    Wow all this information is coming in so fast. What section of this web site should we be monitoring. Can we just use one section and only that area. This way we cant get lost.

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