Did you hear that!? His Honour is insisting that Jackson attend the Royal Commission

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  • punkofnice
    sir82 - Wouldn't "theocratic warfare" (lying to someone who is an "enemy" of JWs) be a demonstration of lack of faith?

    I wonder how many things a JW does or is taught is a demonstration of a lack of faith?

    A 'go bag' is a lack of faith for starters.

    ...but then as Angus Stewart has noted...I think this is a quote of his.....

  • OrphanCrow
    punkofnice: I'd be interested to see if the 'Theocratic warfare(tm)' quote is used in the RC.

    Yes. It was used by Monty Baker's lawyer. The 1957 quote is too old to have much clout, though, But it does set the stage - I believe I saw a more recent quote posted somewhere, from 2002/3, that would bring the directive to engage in theocratic warfare, up to date.

    Jackson, when (and if...) he appears, has a lot to answer for. Because of the GB's claims that they speak for Jehovah, this will be like putting God on the stand. Humph...I wonder what Jehovah Jackson will have to say for himself.

    Jackson's words - and he is head of the Writing Department - have got to be pretty damned close to Jehovah's words, don't they?

    Heehee, I wonder if Justice McClelland knows that he is almost going to be talking to God himself! Heehee, this is getting better and better.

    I hope Jackson shows up. It will be like Judgement Day - except Jehovah will be the defendant instead of the judge.

  • Heaven

    punky way to go! Do we know if there are any Biblical references to acceptable lying? I do not see any scriptures quoted in that Botchtower reference. So if they don't quote scripture, they are just pulling it out of their a$$es.

    And sir82, I think you raise a very valid point. There are so many examples of how even the Bible fails when logic and reasoning are applied.

  • umbertoecho

    This attempt to get Jackson off the hit list was the last item of the day. Stewart said outright that they had been deliberately misleading the RC. ( I can't remember the guys name now on the the stand) He denied it, and the RC insisted that indeed they had been mislead as to how important this GBJackson is to the Jehovah's Witness religion.

    The exchange was so .........sudden, that I flew out of the bathroom stunned and sort of waiting, waiting......waiting for it.............then bang! His Honour is asking that this Jackson be present for this hearing as he is sure that this Jackson will be able to "assist" in these proceedings......Lawyer tries to weezle out of it.........no go

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Punky O toole was asked about that today and denied ever reading the 1957 article as he was baptised after that (70s).

    He denied knowing what theocratic warfare meant.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • OrphanCrow

    When Jackson is called to the stand, the inquiry will invariably resort to a discussion of Bible doctrine. The only thing that Jackson has to offer is a WTS' Bible education and that is the foundation of all of their rules and procedures.

    The theological debate will be outstanding. The world will be exposed to the WTS' understanding of the Bible.

    Jehovah's authority is about to be laid to ruin.

  • umbertoecho

    Theocratic Warfare is used here in Australia by the elders conducting your second last part of baptism questions. I was asked if I would be willing to lie to protect fellow witnesses.

    That question made me really pause. I said "Do you mean Theocratic Warfare, is this what you are saying that Christ did?"

    They sort of hesitated before saying " Well, um...yes. Christ chose not to speak when he felt it was a waste of time"

    I thought that was the most outrageous claim I had ever heard. Saying essentially that they thought Christ would lie ........for what ever reason. Then they spoke of instances where "other witnesses" had had to hide fellow witnesses from danger.......

    "But what about the fact that Jehovah hates a liar" I said. Silence. "Well, of course that is a perfect God using his perfect abilities" What?!!!

    "Oh. So what your saying is that because we are imperfect and subject to certain ailments of the mind, in this imperfectness that we have slumped to. It is okay to lie then".

    Incredible but seriously true. I remember this vividly from three years ago. They repeated the question and I said.............."I would protect a woman, but I'm not sure I would go out and protect you for you are the elders and leaders aren't you?"

    They said they would get back to me on that one..............

  • umbertoecho
    Also, they had made it seem as though Jackson had flown in only very recently, like a week at the most....He had been here since the 14th of July. This did not impress His Honour too much, for he is aware that many of us have dealt with sick family, family who are dying. No doubt McClellan has had to deal with such family matters in his own career. Hell, we all have. So it was a ruse as far as the RC team could see and it had gone on all this week.
  • truthseeker100
    I think if he is forced to testify he'll fake a heart attack or some other ailment that will require a long term rehabilitation and then he can claim the I don't recall defense.

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