Did you hear that!? His Honour is insisting that Jackson attend the Royal Commission

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  • umbertoecho

    I actually started clapping at that point, as His Honour explained to the wt type creep sycophantic slithery lawyer that........" I understand that we all have issues to face in life and .....that is a part of life...........However it has become obvious that this man ....is in such a position to assist with this investigation....."

    I didn't get all of that right, still. It boils down to the fact that Stewart outright accused the latest witness of misleading the Royal Commission and this lead to some document searches which led his Honour to conclude that they had been protecting Mr Jackson.

    This was a warm and fluffy moment folks.................brilliant stuff!!!!!

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    I feel like I just won the lottery. If Jackson ups and offs back to New York now McLennan will throw the book at them. I couldn't be happier.
  • ozbrad
    Yes this is major news. Cant wait for the squirmfest.
  • sparrowdown
    Jackson last spotted wearing a disguise at Brisbane Airport.
  • smiddy

    My money is on Jackson getting the next available flight back to New York regardless of the health condition of his father ,

    His fathers health condition has obviously been a ploy to avoid appearing at the Royal Commission .

    He obviously does not believe that the Holy Spirit will give you words of wisdom to speak when brought before a court of law..

    LOL, sparrowdown



    Jackson last spotted wearing a disguise at Brisbane Airport.....sparrowdown

    ............Image result for watchtower logoImage result for burqa in airportImage result for watchtower logo

  • umbertoecho

    Yes, he could put on a dress and pretend to be a woman wearing a nice little number and hopping on a plane, refreshing his lipstick....slipping on those fish net stockings and wobbling slightly on his stilettos.......not in that order of course.

    Ummm actually it's a rather disturbing image............

  • umbertoecho
    Outlaw, You can do better than that.....come on. A better disguise please
  • jw07

    @umbertoecho: He could don a pair of 'spanx' with a wig, and brightly coloured socks

  • barry
    Jackson is in the tattoo parlour right now having his arse tattooed 'Jesus is coming, get busy' so he will be mistaken for the archbishop of canterbury

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