I sent this to Angus Stewart this morning (Easter Standard Time)

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  • Heaven

    Well, I thought this was cool. I have already received a short reply to my email from Angus Stewart. I did not expect to receive one. Whether it was his admin. assistant or actually him I don't really care. I am just impressed they responded at all.

    Afrikanman, thanks for posting that. Checking it out now. Very impressive.

    It would be very interesting to see the CV's of the various elders Angus Stewart has questioned. Do JWs even know what a CV is?

    My CV pales in comparison to Angus'.

  • oppostate

    I just got back an email response from Angus Stewart as well.

    I am pleasantly surprised and overjoyed that he is so on the ball.

    His dedication and ability is truly admirable.

    Angus is the proverbial bomb! And he's taring up the lying, misguiding and conniving WT reps!

  • DJS
    I received a short and kind reply from Mr. Stewart as well.
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I also received an Thank you and kind regards from A. Stewart SC this


  • bemused
    Yes a very impressive CV, including Rhodes Scholar at Oxford (the most prestigious university scholarship in the world according to Wikipedia). Well, just as Tony Morris said, the better the university the more dangerous the education is.
  • cantleave

    Didn't Freddy Franz win a Rhodes Scholarship??

  • jhine

    But does he drink Whiskey ?


  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/topic/201123/rhodes-scholar?page=1 Franz was as much a Rhodes scholar as Rutherford was a Judge.
  • username

    This will motivate the commission so much. We can just see how much they are enjoying ripping apart the very fabric of the watchtower.

    They certainly take no prisoner and don't fall for the watchtowers bullshit. How Angus and the crew could actually sit through all the watchtower junk I have no idea, it certainly takes a brave man to sit down and look through the jargon!

    All this exposure is doing is showing the watchtower to be a high control dangerous cult. Impacted more today by the refusal of Jackson giving evidence.

    I do feel actually making it public knowledge that Jackson didn't want to get involved was a deliberate move. This is due to the uncooperative nature of all the elders. The watchtower still think they are untouchable, they are finding out extremely fast that Australia don't take fools gladly.

  • punkofnice

    Well done.

    I wonder if he knows about 'theocratic warfare(TM)?'

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