I sent this to Angus Stewart this morning (Easter Standard Time)

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  • punkofnice

    LUHE - Well done that apostate. I sent Mr S the Watchtower reference for 'theocratic warfare(tm)' last night and he had the decency to reply and thank me.

    These RC guys are far more aimiable and humane than the twots in the WBT$.

  • Viviane
    I would be careful with publicly presenting the e-mail sent by mr. Stewart. In fact it's breach of confidentiality. I'm not so sure mr. Stewart will appreciate this, Viviane. I don't mean to criticise you, I'm just worried that your good intentions might harm mr. Stewart, while he's doing such a great job and even is so polite to reply to the messages he receives.

    No worries. I get criticized all the time.

    Posting his email is not a breach of privacy. Legally, it's no different that repeating a conversation we had. We had not privileged relationship, no contract of confidentiality, the very nature of email means that there are at least several copies of it spread around the world outside of either of our control, there was no disclaimer (which are 99.9% useless) in the email, he wasn't sending me confidential info, etc. Whether or not someone likes it or it is etiquette, etc., is a different conversation, but in this specific case, there was no breach of any kind of confidentiality.

  • Heaven
    Angus Stewart's contact info is publicly available. It includes his email, phone number, as well as his CV.
  • Vidiot


    I wonder if, by now, some of the RC members are getting hate-mail from angry JW loyalists?

  • umbertoecho

    Wow, no wonder he is so calm and precise. He is well versed in so many aspects of law.

    Thanks for that AFRIKANMAN

  • DJS


    "I wonder if, by now, some of the RC members are getting hate-mail from angry JW loyalists?"

    Almost certainly. Mr. Stewart deals in facts and evidence; he is an empiricist by trade. He is trained to ignore/dismiss emotional vitriol and focus on the real evidence. When we send him emails, we should be rational and stick to the facts. The Dubs likely won't. They will play the victim and rely on their collective persecution complex.

  • ToesUp
    Just received a acknowledgment from Mr. Stewart. He read my letter I sent yesterday. Yeah!

    Try contacting the Watchtower with a question and getting a response?

    Here is Mr. Stewart's response.

    Thank you for your support and interest, and for the information.

    Kind regards

    Angus Stewart SC

    Viviane - Thanks for starting this thread!

  • Sauerkraut
    Two days ago I also wrote him an e-mail and got a quick thanks from him. Today I had an e-mail from the Royal Commission in my inbox, thanking me for my mail. I had written some personal experiences (fortunately no child sexual abuse) and observations about the general mental and emotional abuse in JW land. It's great that this gets taken into consideration as well and I was surprised that Mr. Stewart forwarded my mail.
  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    I think he likely knows the score and that it is a cult, there was a brief display of anger when he got to the point of shunning and that's the first time i've seen anything beyond a momentary raised eyebrow or a frown from the excellent Mr Stewart.
  • Heaven

    This past Tue I received an email from the Royal Commission's CEO Philip Reed telling me that Angus Stewart had asked Philip Reed to respond to me on Angus' behalf.

    They wanted to inform me that my email was forwarded to the ARC's Case Study 29 public hearing team. The email also spoke of Geoffrey Jackson appearing to testify Fri Aug 14/15 and supplied a link to the live broadcast. They also thanked me for my interest in their work.

    I am quite impressed as I didn't expect to hear back from Angus let alone Mr. Reed. I replied back last night.

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