Crap,,,,,,, now I think I am addicted to cigs...

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    IT Guy

    If you believe any of that stuff you posted from the cigarette lobby you have to one of the worlds most gullible people.

  • scootergirl

    onacruse wrote:

    2) Who says smoking is always addictive? Individual experiences (including my own) run the gamut, from "no problem at all to quit" to "can't quit to save my life." It is NOT a given that someone who uses nicotine will absolutely get addicted. Accustomed, yes (as with anything done on a regular basis). The same is true of any drug or substance, whether or not used for mood-altering purposes.


    Like I said before, I believe that some people can drink and handle it......some can't. Some are alcoholics, some aren't. Does that mean that there should be an prohibition? Nah.......

    Cigarette smoking is the same in my eyes. Just because you occasionally have a smoke does not mean that you are doomed to a life of nicotene addiction.

  • LyinEyes

    I only had one cig all day today, probably might have one later this evening, and maybe one before bed. I am just seeing if I really am craving it, or if it is just something I do when I go outside. I like to sit outside , especially at night and do my thinking. Maybe I could just take my glass of merlot out there instead of a cig. But I agree Scootergirl, my mother in law is smoke several cigs a day and she wonders how I can smoke just a few or even before once a week. I am the same way with coffee I don't have to have a morning cup, but my hubby would give up a limb rather than go with out it.

    I also wanted to add to this thread for my harsh words to Ballistic,,,,,, I could blame my harshness on PMS , but darn , I was just in a bad mood. You know,,,,,,, nothing makes me madder than my own ignorance, and knowing so I hope Ballistic forgives my harsh words and my temper tantrum...............dede

  • chachasmum

    Hi lyineyes

    I love reading your threads and posts. I used to smoke i did for 16 years that's the only good thing that came out of my being in the org quitting cigs.

    I always hated the smell even when i did smoke.

    I hate it even more now that i've quit

    It's true what they say there's nothing worse than an ex smoker I'm terrible very intolerant the smell

    makes me feel sick. I smoked carlton they were very light. I also hated the smell of ash trays. I wasn't a very happy smoker. Just addicted like every one else that smokes. I am very happy i quit.

    I went to the cape for a week was out in the middle of nowhere i did it then with the help of Nicorrete

    chewing gum. It helped with the cravings.

  • maximumflash

    Lyin's original post in this thread:

    I would comehome with it in my hair and all over my clothes.

    Lyin, you and WT need to control your selves LOL.

    On a serious note, I started smoking when I was 14. I wish I never started just because it is a hard habit to break. I still smoke today, Marlboro red. I have tried to quit several times without success.

    If you enjoy smoking then smoke away. I would recommend quitting while you are still early in the smoking habit.

  • animal

    If smoking cigars is the worst thing I do, so be it. I dont smoke in peoples houses or thier cars, so if someone gets on thier high horse and lectures me, I tell them to F off.


  • LyinEyes

    LOl Max,,,,,,, that is what I am trying to do,,,,,,, control myself ( talking about cigs here) and not be a pack a day smoker. It kind of just got to where I was smoking more and more and them bam, what the heck am I doing???? So I am seeing if I can do with out it, by cutting back .

    LOL at Animal....... you have such a way with words........ I love the freedom of speech you have,, God I would love to tell someone to F$%$ off!!!!!!!!!!! of course not anyone here, and not about cig smoking,,,,,,,,,lol......... mainly if someone ever gets in my business , I will savor the moment to tell them off real good. I do have a few people in mind..... those self righteous JW's...........hehehe.

  • animal

    I taught myself to be unemotional and honest. Most people like it, and only ask me about something they really want an answer about. Many avoid my answers, cuz I wont say what they wanna hear.

    Live, and let live....


  • ITguy

    Hey...never said I believed those things. Like any topic, there are people who are going to take an opposite view. I just thought I'd throw them up there for consideration.

  • ashitaka

    Ah, I smoke 1 cigar a week, and a pipe during the winter every so often. It's perfectly enjoyable as long as you're not smoking cigs. Cigs are so addictive, and the cigars, you just don't crave. Same thing with pipe-smoking. (of course, if you smoke lots, you'll still get cancer)

    Smoking, like drinking, can be very enjoyable in moderation.


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