Where do they sit in your hall?

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  • stephenw20

    Does any one have any information on D/F or D/A people
    NOT abiding by the "RULES" and ignoring the SHUNNING ASPECT of the reproof...... IE talking to people, Attempting to comment at meetings, Responding to the announcment that has YOUR name in it(the DF or D/A one).

    As if to say , Well I dont agree with your ruling, or to tell everyone that you are getting the axe for whatever reason, after all , it will only take a few hours for them to find out why, if they dont already know.

    Just wondering, I had read an experience of an elder who wanted to get his family out, so rather than jump ship , he planted seeds of doubt along the way, let them develop THAT DIRTY INDEPENDENT THINKING, introduced other publications for reference to study and let their own conclusions be drawn.

    ALL of his children MADE IT OUT SAFE and with out incident.

    Just interesting to me with the FREEDOM of religion , protected by the consitution, D/F and D/A ones GIVE AWAY far too much of themselves, and their civil liberties are violated in many cases.

    I know the freedom aspect is suppose to be , protection from the government.

    Guess the question is....... do your RIGHTS change since you are not in GOOD STANDING.....and should they.


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