Bill Bowen's Comments on Ray Franz

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  • kelsey007

    princess I think they are just wore out with it. If ya dont wanna see ya will not see.....but such is life.

  • kenpodragon

    Personally I think we grow when we face those who challenge us. To step away and try to create a safe haven shows a lack of confidence in ourselves. If I wanted to be told I was always right all the time, I would sit in a room alone. Because I want to grow I often put myself in rooms with my life's biggest critics. Which give me insight into the character I can not see. I think this whole thing with silentlambs is a joke, and I am shocked it had gone on this long and cluttered this board with so much bull shit. Let it die already! I don't care for either side, and just wish we could all just talk about something interesting for a change and bury this dead horse before it grows maggots and attracts flies.

    My thought


  • kelsey007

    dragon it has indeed been harder for some to walk away from this than others. Some have been hurt and others read through the arrogance- any way I am with you and am walking away. Thank god this man will now save his postings for his own site-

  • Princess

    I thought it WAS dead dragon, then Bill drug it up again.

    Kelsey, I don't think they are worn out like you say but are just so eager to clear Bill of any injustice that they aren't seeing what is really there.


  • kelsey007

    I would agree princess. I am just trying to get over it for lack of any progress. And yes Bill is the one that started it and kept it going. Let us all hail bill! Go Bill GO!!! Forgive him his sins and to hell with anyone who cares. LOL You know how I feel. There is a street named after Bill Bowen- It's called "ONE-WAY".

  • kenpodragon

    Plain and simple

    "People see what they want to see and nothing will change it"

    If someone wants to have smoke blown up their ass, I say hand them a lit cigarette and let them do it themselves. Since they already have their head in the position to do so.

    <walking away from this poorly written joke>


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  • kelsey007

    dragon I still like your posts! LOL I walk away from this and am now posting my breif bethal experiences.

  • Axelspeed

    I have little to add to this. I have my own thoughts on this whole thing, and I am content to let them (for the most part) remain my own thoughts. I would like to say a though that I think your last comments were all that many were asking for...a rational explanation in a tone that was not judgemental of the motives of the persons asking.

    Unfortunately, the first impression we get of each other here is by our words presented here. And so rightly or wrongly, a perception is formed about us as individuals, no matter how noble our efforts are or the cause is.

    It is with that in mind that I would humbly make the suggestion to perhaps curtail escapades of peeling out in parking lots. The fact is I just was not expecting it. Not because of the many years you served and what capacity you served, and for 40 yrs. was it? No, but just the fact that life experience matures us to the point where we for the most part move past this kind of stuff. It has nothing to do with the cause, I know, but unfortunately perceptions are made and formed by our words.

    I wish you the best.

  • KelleyBlair

    Amen Bother Bill !!!

    I just want t say that I wish that there were more people that had the guts that Bill has. He is an awesome person he and his family. They have gone out on more than one limb for numerouse people.

    Kelley Blair

    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • kelsey007

    Kelley your post brought it all together for me. When due to personal family issues I refused to get involved with Bowen he accused me of not having guts. He also bragged about how he was not scared to stand up against the big bad WT. . This in spite of the fact that he was made aware of the fact that my son was in the hospital on life support....

    So when I hear someone rave about Bill's guts it kind of pisses me off.

    Sometimes guts are confused with stupidity.

    Kelsey squeeling tires away from this thread with loud mufflers.....

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