Just found Jehovah or Jehovah found me!!!

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  • panduro

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to let everyone know that you all have a new friend!My name is Christopher from Verona Italy,And even after loosing friends

    and my girlfriend of ten years over my studying and putting to practice the bibles values,I realise now that it doesn't matter beacuase I am so happy that I found the truth and Jehovah loves me!!!....I am still going through a changing period but every day is geting better and I will soon be baptized.I always new that there was someting seriously wrong in the world when I was leading a very imoral life,even though I have been succesful in work and have made plenty of money i was never happy but did'nt know what it was until I met a brother..I hope to find lots of new friends here,so please everyone don't hold back!!

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    If you stay with this site awhile, I doubt that you will go through with your baptism. This site is for people who have discovered the "truth" about the WTBTS. I hope that you do stay, however, and it will save you years of grief in the future.

  • SYN

    Houston, we have a love-bombing.

  • SPAZnik

    lmao SYN.

    Welcome to this website Christopher!

  • observador

    Hi Panduro,

    Yes, if you stay around here for a while you will make quite a few friends and may even get your girlfriend back.

    Take care,


  • BugParadise
    SYN~>Houston, we have a love-bombing.

    Great Cat Picture! SYN .. LOL

  • Sentinel

    Hi Panduro,

    You seem like a sincere person. Perhaps this site is not what you expected. All the same, there is a reason for everything that happens. I feel you were brought here for a good reason.

    Please don't get baptized until you research some of the threads on here. The correct and true information about the JW organization is hard to come by, unless you can learn from those who have had the JW experience and are now out. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of a group of folks who only allow you to "know" so much. Once you get baptized, you will be attached in a way that would be difficult to break free from.

    We are here out of love and concern for you as a person, and the freedom of choice you NOW have.

    Love and Light,

  • outnfree

    Hello, Panduro!

    Welcome to the Board!

    I remember the excitement I felt when I realized that the things Jehovah's Witnesses were teaching me seemed so holy and good. I felt like I had finally found an organization that lived up to the Bible's ideals, and I wanted to be a part of something so special!

    It took me 5 years of studying to finally decide to get baptized (I was a smoker -- didn't want to give that up). But my baptism was bittersweet because nobody in my family agreed with my decision, my husband wouldn't attend, and even though my young children were present, they missed my actual "dunking" which was a great disappointment at the time.

    Imagine my dismay several years later when I began to understand that the Governing Body can change its collective mind on certain doctrines at will. I was personally affected in that I had made a "no Rhogam" decision which made it dangerous (if not impossible) for me to have any more children. Then, about a year later, the Governing Body published that blood fractions such as Rhogam were "conscience matters." Well, it was too late for me to reverse the harm. And, I began to realize that, while I was only precluded from having more children (I already have 3), some people had actually DIED while obeying what they thought was a command from God voiced through the Governing Body. For example, hemophiliacs who did not take clotting factors (which are now a conscience matter but once would have been a disfellowshipping offense).

    My advice to you, as gently as I can put it, is to RESEARCH this organization which seems especially wonderful but which is not any better than any other organized religion in the world. (<<-- That's a shocking statement to hear if you've been taken in by what the Witnesses believe about themselves, but, unfortunately, it's true.) Especially understand that once you belong, getting out can be a VERY painful experience. And understand, too, that this rift between your family and your ex-girlfriend will only grow wider, which is NOT what God wants to happen.

    "God is love." Think how much your parents love you. Even when you do wrong things. Even if you fail repeatedly. And then ask yourself if they would cut you off completely and condemn you to a life without their love as a way of showing love??? If the answer is no, then I suspect that you would also agree that God, who loves more perfectly than any human parents, also would not condemn his earthly children to a life apart from those who love them best, even if they do wrong things. The Witnesses will try to convince you that THEY love you more than your family does. Don't ever believe that. While GOD may love you better, NOBODY in the Witness organization can or does. There is much heartache in the world (and on this Forum) because of the harsh practice of disfellowshipping. Make sure you completely understand that there is no honorable way to leave the religion if you later decide it's not for you. They will punish and ostracize you. Their "agape love" will evaporate. And then, they will try to convince you it's because you're a terrible person and God is using them to discipline you. Even if you still profess faith in God, the Bible and Jesus Christ.

    I was completely disheartened to learn of so many false prophecies and doctrinal flip-flops in my 12 years as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Since I disassociated myself in March of 2001, I have learned of many hypocritical acts on the part of the organization as a whole. While I still have affection for many of the brothers and sisters that I left behind, I now understand that Jehovah God does NOT have a special relationship with the "slave" class in Jehovah's Witnesses, and thus they cannot be his mouthpiece.

    Panduro, there is such sorrow in my heart because I know you have been happy to believe in the illusion that the Watchtower sells. Jehovah DID find you. He directed you here. So that you could learn that changing your life around and living righteously is something that, once decided upon, you can do with God's grace and without ANY organized religion. Trust that He knew what He was doing when He sent you to this board where the Personal Experiences of others will help you to understand the truth about "the Truth".



  • Yerusalyim

    Welcome to the Board Paisan, my family comes from Tuscany (and Sicily on my mom's side).

  • LB

    Panduro you remind me of me when I was ready for baptism.

    Then of course reality hit me square between the eyes. Biggest mistake I've ever made, and I hold the world record for mistakes.

    I wish you the best and hope to see you remain happy.

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