I Need Help Please!!!

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  • NewLight2

    Check out this thread: My B/F told me he's a J/W after months of dating! posted by Funky_Diva_53_2000


    Your story sounds sooooo familiar.

    BTW - whatever happened to Funky_Diva_53_2000? She only has 7 posts since July


  • Shakita

    Well.....................either CW was scared off by so much honest advice.....or she will be coming back soon to check her replies............or she comes to Jehovahs Witness Discussion boards to see how many people will spill their guts and waste their precious time giving great advice to someone who obviously does not really "NEED HELP."

    Whatever................. just was wondering how many times this happens on this board. Someone pleads for help, and they never come back to reply!

    Another thought, maybe she read some of the replies and called off this relationship with the JW for good. Hopefully that happened. Guess we will never know.

    Whereever you are CW....................I wish you well.


  • NeonMadman
    Whatever................. just was wondering how many times this happens on this board. Someone pleads for help, and they never come back to reply

    This particular sort of thread ("Help, I'm in love with a JW") comes up so often that we should probably set up a web page somewhere summarizing our collective advice. When someone raises the issue again, we would just direct them to the page. Then we wouldn't have to write virtually the same posts every month or two.

  • Yerusalyim

    I concur with NEON in the first thread he posted, aside from the VERY IMPORTANT JW/nonJW issues, the guy lied, is a momma's boy, etc. Being myself in a JW/nonJW relationship I can say they almost NEVER work out. Had my wife not stopped going to meetings we would be divorced. So unless you're ready to give up your family and friends, holidays, and a normal life my advice is RRRRRUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    and here is one from Joshua:


    Maybe they don't know the "check back and reply" ettiquette, because I didn't, or maybe the "truth about the truth" is overwhelming to them.

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    I agree with NeonMadman's idea!

  • sugarbritches

    HI all- I just read all your wonderful replys to cw's situation. Although this is an older post and possible now is not a problem for her- I feel the need to tell of a similar situation. I fell in love with a Witness 5 yrs ago. I thought he hung the moon. He seemed like he thought I was the most wonderful woman in the world. I went to the Kingdom Hall and had a Bible study-- just so I could have his love.But the elders there did not like me- and they found a million reasons to get rid of me. They told me I wasn't allowed to come to the Kingdom Hall because I lived in another county. They told me I wasn't making progress-- they had cancelled 3 studies. Finally they scolded me for showing my knees at the Kingdom Hall.And the last straw was - they told me they didn't want me to come to the same Kingdom Hall as the man I loved because they didn't feel comfortable with me. I left- willingly-- the man I loved was understanding. He said it wasn't my foult and God wouldn't blame me for the errors of the elders. They elders disfellowshipped him eventually becasue of his association with a non- witness-me. The man I loved still remained loyal to me. We never had sex- he woudln't even kiss me because he felt that that should wait till marriage. Then he was in a tragic accident-- he came very close to death. After his accident he felt he was doing something wrong apparently-- so he blamed it all on his association with me I guess and it's been 7 months now since he has called or talked to me at all. When I see him out- he doesn't speak or talk to me because he is still disfellowshipped and he isn't allowed to associate with me at his time. I still hurt so very much- I still love him but I know he has chosen to stay with the Witnesses rather than to accept my love. So I try to look ahead and not back into time that I cannot recapture. I think it is mean to tell your followers that you aren't allowed to have friends or mates who do not share your faith---sometimes I feel angry at this man becasue i feel he should know better. But when we are brainwashed..... Anyway thanks for listening--- any replys will be welcomed.

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