I LOST MY JOB TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Jesika 48 Replies latest jw friends

  • mamashel


    I am soooo sorry! Your going to be just fine though. I agree with the person who said it was probably a jealous female. Dont worry, you'll get through this too, and come out on top again.

    Love ya


  • William Penwell
    William Penwell


    I know you will do just fine. Take this as a learning experience and go on with your life. You will find something better. That happened to my son, he lost one job but got a better one within the same week.

    Love ya,


  • searcher


    You got it backwards, you did not lose a good job , they lost a good girl !!!!!!!

    I am feeling for you Jess, hang in there hon.


    ps. I tell you what, I'll say ' ice cube ' then you can kick me around for a while !

    How does that sound ?



  • Matty


    Here's my contribution. I think you must have realised by now you are a much loved poster. I think I owe you an email!

  • Jesika

    LOL @ searcher, consider yourself kicked around LOL.

    I have recieved some good advice here and on other boards as well, I will keep you all informed.

    Thank you all, I feel very warm inside knowing you all are here for me.


  • rocky220

    Guess what sista', don't worry to hard, who knows, that place by suffer a shootout or something and glory be you are not in it......God dont like ugly.....and you my precious, something is coming down the pike for you, bigger and better, so dont cry no more!!!!!!!! Just get ready for the next one!!!!!!

    ((((((((((Jesika))))))))))))).....rocky220 [ps] if you were off that !@#@#$%$% phone, I'd talk to ya'!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex


    I am so sorry for not responding earlier. I've only just now seen your post. I always read the board when I'm at work and I have to go backward to read the weekend posts. So please forgive my tardy reply. I was not ignoring you. Keep on trying to find a new job. It's tough right now, but you've got good goals. College is an outstanding goal and you would make a tremendous social worker. I'll ask Nina if she knows of any openings. Take care sweetie

  • cruzanheart

    Darling Jesika, I am SO sorry to hear the news! However, if you're going to look for a job, this is a good time with the holidays coming up. Try the big retail stores, try UPS (believe it or not - they hire a lot of holiday workers and the pay is good). I'm going to ask if we have any temp openings around here - we have a couple of big trials coming up, so you never know.

    Love & hugs,


  • Jesika

    Thanx guys.

    Nina--that would be nice thanx. I will be looking soon for another job, I am enjoying me free time with Alex and the freedom of sleeping in for right now. He is off work untill Nov, a 3 wk vacation.

    TX--I know you wouldn't ingnore me and thax for the compliment.

    rocky--we talked in chat and I love talking to you on the phone, maybe next time.


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