I LOST MY JOB TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Jesika 48 Replies latest jw friends

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Sorry to hear the bad news Jes. Your a good person, and good things happen to good people. I'm sure you'll be back at a new job soon.



  • Flip

    Jes, something far worse than getting fired from a job, mediocre or otherwise, is not getting fired and fooling yourself into not challenging yourself and missing out on living up to your full potential.

    For instance, perhaps you subconsciously know you are destined for greater things than the current workplace could offer you and an inner conflict engineered the demise of your employment.

    Hopefully you will not allow your demonstrated passion and courage to be shackled by the mundane and banal.

  • onacruse


    When you let us all know you got this job, you said: "I have tried to get other work and will continue to, but this was the first thing to come through and it is something I am familiar with, so until something better comes along--I can work parttime."

    And I responded: "Good for you, Jes....you are a fighter, and new opportunities will come your way, that's for sure!"

    I still hold by that...this is just a temporary setback.

    You ARE a fighter! Things WILL work out for you.


  • BluesBrother

    Jesika, may I add a warm ((((((((((( hug ))))))))) too, from someone who was so impressed and encouraged by your life experience on this board a little while back.

    You are worthy of somehing better, I am sure this will enable you to find it.

    Best wishes.

  • Dino

    Hey dearest, you've got mail!


  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Jes, sorry to hear about your job loss. I lost my job last year, its not fun. Hang in there.

    Have you thought about getting more education? Its a great investment. I waited way too long to go back to school, but it definitely was worth it for me.

  • LyinEyes

    (((((((((((( Jes))))))))))))))) so sorry you lost that job. I hope you will find an even better one, I know you will, you are one go getter.

    Hey, when I came to Dallas, you want to go egg the cars of the ones who didnt include you in their petty little click??? I know you didnt care to be in their click , but they just couldnt let you do your job and leave you alone. If they couldnt control you , or hurt you by rejecting you , they had only one thing left to do,, fire you,, what cowards they are.

    Remember Jesika, you are one firey little redhead,, I used to know another firey little redhead, same height as you even,, so live up to the reputation, and don't let them break you into... I know you had a good cry, and probably will be mad as hell now.. Use that energy to be the best you can , and don't let those , (cuss word, cuss word) , um people, stop you from getting an even better job. Then go back to the place you used to work and rub it in their faces........just by thanking them for letting you go,, so you could have the kind of job you always wanted......with the kind of people you really enjoy working with.

  • Jade


    Are you inteterest in doing any office work? If so, contact one of the temp agencies. Alot of times they will even train you and once you get some experience under your belt, you can get hired full-time if thats what you want. I hire all of my admin staff from Burnetts Staffing. They are a good one and I think they have an office in the Dallas area. I use the Ft Worth and Arlington.

    Let me know if you need some contact names, I might be able to help you out. Email me if you are interested. [email protected]

  • orangefatcat

    Starting a "Jesika's Fan Club"

    As one door closes another opens. I see it this way Jesika there was one girl in the club didn't like you and she thought you were to popular with the cliental and so she was going to see that you got the boot, cus she was jealous. I have seen it before.

    Don't cry hon something better will come along. I know this I have a gut feeling about stuff like this. Tomorrow when the sun is shinning life will take on a whole new prespective and you'll see something good happen. Rest well and know that I love you kiddo.

    All my love with lots of hugs , Orangefatcat xoxoxoxoxoox

  • Jesika

    Thank you all soooooooooooooo much. I feel much better since I got some sleep. I decided to see it as getting my weekends back with my son. I was only able to see him 1 day a wk since working there.

    I do plan to go back to school and look forward to it.

    I will look into temps again, I had before, but it proved to be fruitless.

    I will get in touch with you Jade, and Dino I will read my email soon.

    Thank you ALL sooooooo soooooo much, I feel very warm inside with all your kind words and encouragement.



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